1 old game - Even ChatGPT is not sure LOL

Aug 20, 2023
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Hey lads!

Pretty new here so I might ask some stupid questions in the long run. Just saying.

I'm currently looking for a title of an old game. Born in 92' in central/eastern Europe we didn't had that big access into gaming and we often borrowed something from someone and borrowed them something in exchange. That's why I struggle with the name of the game I'm looking for now.

- It was more of an Adventure game where you took a role of an Alien character (Green skin, yellow hair in a tear shape) and you were supposed to do some puzzle-solving quests. Regarding the game, I had no experience with English back then so I can't remember what the game was initially about. The characters were "living" in a space-ship type of houses which were yellow. And I do not remember I would shoot anything there so you can skip those games which are having the "action" part.

If someone asks me "When" i played it, I will start shooting :D It was pretty some time ago. Maybe 17-22 years.

I tried to ask ChatGPT so to save you some time, it's not any of these:

"Another World," also known as "Out of This World" in North America.
"Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee"
"Heart of Darkness" - I found this game just by accident and I was looking for this title for last 2 years :D

If you could think of a game based on the description, please let me know even if you are not 100% sure.