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  1. Baker6

    Upgrading desktop to gaming pc

    I have a desktop computer with... CPU - Intel i7-4790 GPU - Built In Intel HD 4600 Motherboard - Inspiron 3847 Power Suppy - 300W Yeechan I would like to be able to game and wirelessly do VR. Everything is so laggy and crashes a lot. I am guessing it is my graphics card. I want to buy and new...
  2. S

    Graphics cards PSU connectors

    Hey there, I'm upgrading a HP h9-1460ea from the original GPU from Nvidia GTX 660 to the GTX 1660 Super. AS far as I can tell, the card should fit physically in the case, and the PSU should be sufficient (600W). The PSU model number is DPS-600WB A, and I've already checked the BIOS and it is...
  3. Zak

    Question PC upgrading and compatibility

    Hello Guys, I m lookin' for some good advice regarding upgrading my PC. Currently, I have i7 3770, with GTX 660ti and 8GB RAM (2x4gb DDR3 1600hz). Motherboard -P8Z77-v LX2 . I m planning to get used GTX 1070 (msi or zotac 8gb mini) or new Zotac GTX 1660. also I want to add 1x4gb RAM (for one of...
  4. vivid

    Question need advice on psu choices for RTX2070super

    hi guys, it's my first time building a PC and i need your help and advice. I have bought everything but im very confused about PSU wattage. I got 650W PSU, since on gigabyte RTX 2070 super website said recommended PSU is 650W here is all i got CPU: i7 10700 MOBO: gigabyte Z490 gaming X VGA...
  5. T

    GPU or PSU problem

    hello, i bought an rx580 8gb 2 weeks ago,everything worked perfectly but two days ago i let my pc turned at night, when i woke up i found that the pc kept restarting all the night. I know that it was a cpu problem, i fixed it, but when i wanted to start a game my pc crashed, i started sdoing...
  6. W

    Question Issues with PSU, computer will occasionally lose power but only when it is off.

    I built this PC several years ago, and had zero issues for the first few years of useage. Lately however I have been encountering an issue where my PC will not turn on. I know this has something to do with the power supply as my GPU has a power indicator LED whitch is always on when it has...