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  1. mysteriouz2802

    are these parts compatible?

    I want to build a pc and wanted to know if these parts are compatible: ASUS EX-A320M GAMING VGA NVIDIA GIGABYTE GEFORCE GT 1030 2GB Ryzen 5 2600 HyperX Fury RGB 8GB 3000MHz DDR4 CL15 SSD Kingston A400 480GB Monitor LED 21,5" LG 22MK400H Full HD Freesync C3Tech MT G50BK Preto Cooler Fan G-Fire...
  2. Z

    Did anyone get a RTX3070 today?

    I kept getting kicked out of Scans trying to buy one in the UK, did anyone have any luck or are they all being resold on ebay?
  3. B

    Help Building Custom PC 'Powerfull Competitive Gaming/streaming' Price: 3k - 4.5k EURO

    Hello, I need help from PC experts like you. I'm looking for a Powerful Overkill Desktop. I'm a jack of all trades, so I need the desktop for allot of things. I edit videos / photos with adobe programs such as Adobe After Effect, Photoshop etc... I am also a programmer, I develop apps and...
  4. Z

    First ever PC build questions

    Hey guys, brand new here and brand new to PC gaming. I’m building my first PC and had a couple questions because I’m a little lost and this is expensive lol. 1. The PC I am “building” is an Alienware R11, I currently am looking at an Intel i7 10700KF and coupling that with the Nvidia 2070...
  5. vivid

    Question need advice on psu choices for RTX2070super

    hi guys, it's my first time building a PC and i need your help and advice. I have bought everything but im very confused about PSU wattage. I got 650W PSU, since on gigabyte RTX 2070 super website said recommended PSU is 650W here is all i got CPU: i7 10700 MOBO: gigabyte Z490 gaming X VGA...
  6. C

    Question PSU Explosion Help

    I recently purchased a new pc and am building it myself. I have a Gigabyte Z490 UD AC Motherboard and an EVGA 750w Supernova PSU. I connected the pc up and was ready to start it and when I pushed the case power button the PSU Exploded and died. Any idea as to why? A list of parts in the pc is...
  7. G

    I need suggestions for buying parts to build my first gaming computer.

    Ok so i'm willing to spend around $800, though it will take me about 2-3 months to save up. This may change depending on what answers i get or if im patient enough to save up more or less. Since i live in an apartment i don't want to risk something expensive being delivered here. Most...
  8. M

    When to build a new PC and other questions

    Hi everyone, I’m a lapsed PC gamer, built my last PC in 2009 and never upgraded so so the last few years I’ve been playing exclusively on PS4. I’m now starting to think about next gen gaming, and neither the Xbox nor PS5 have the kind of killer exclusives that would make them must buys (I...
  9. J

    Help building PC

    Hi everybody! I decided I want to build a PC and I have two different options. My budget is around 1000 to 1200 euros. I am interested in playing the latest games in a decent manner, I don´t need ultra settings or ray tracing etc. I am new in this, my current PC is actually a 5 year old laptop...
  10. The_LaLath

    Thermal pads or thermal paste?

    Hello there everyone I have been doing quiet a bit of research for my next build and one of my main questions is should I use pads or paste. Im not worried about the cost and I normally use paste but I want to ask some people who have used both what do you think about each and is one alot better...
  11. tommyp796

    Is there an ultimate PC case for me??

    Is there an ultimate PC case for me??? I found Phanteks EVOLV X. its got dust filters, (not sure about airflow), Efficient use of space, nice style and glass side panels. but it is quite expensive. Is there no-one else? Is there any other contender that can blow my mind? ATX and/or micro-ATX...
  12. U

    Question Rate my Ultra Wide Gaming Budget Build [PCPARTPICKER List In Thread]

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/C9Kksk How is this build looking for Ultra Wide Gaming on a budget?
  13. B

    Need help to upgrade my computer

    Sup guys! I'll start by saying that im french so english is not my language and def. not my best! With the confinement going on I wanted to upgrade my computer. I don't want to upgrade everything only a new case with a new motherboard and new RAM but I find it difficult to understand the term...
  14. JSimenhoff

    Competition The PC Gamer Best PC Builds - $500 Min Spec Console Killer

    Welcome to very first PC Gamer Best PC Builds competition! We're down to the final five. Vote now to decide the winner in each category. Here are the top five min spec console killer builds: The Cable Boxer by Zoid Advent by PandaPandaPanda The Nautilus by Oussebon The BLACK GOBLIN by...