Question I need help

Feb 28, 2021
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So I know my laptop isn't for gaming, but I have this laptop

Anyway so i upgraded to 8gb ram around 6 monts ago and it was fine i could run cs:go at 60 fps no problem and suddenly around a month ago i recived insane frame drops in every game it came to a poin that i couldnt run roblox at lowest settings and i re-installed my windows my graphic drivers are up to date only thing that i havent changed is thermal paste i boght this laptop back in 2017 and never changed thermal paste on it. So it may be it but it just seems my pc isnt using its full potential when i am running cs it is only using like 40% of the cpu but priority in task manager is set to high. If u have any advice I would appreciate it.

My specs are:
Intel i3 5005u
Nvidia geforce 920m
8gb kingstone 1666mhz ram
1tb hdd