Question white shark viking 2 C Letter not working

Jul 31, 2020
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I have a white shark viking 2 and the C letter and number 3 arent working sometimes they start working like now and sometimes they stop keyboard is old 1 month please help
Why blame the motherboard of all things before the keyboard?

Boot Windows into safe mode

Type for several hours.

If the problem still happens, it's almost certainly a hardware issue and almost certainly a faulty keyboard tbh.

If the problem doesn't appear, it's some strange software issue.

Alternatively, report a fault with the keyboard, which it probably is, and ask for an exchange / RMA. If the new keyboard is fine or exhibits a different problem, you know it was a faulty keyboard.
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If you want to blame the motherboard, we're going to need to know what the make and model of the board is and what BIOS version you're currently working with. On top of that if you want to rule out your system/motherboard as faulty, did you take the keyboard over to a donor system to see if the exact issue is found on donor system?
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