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  1. Lutfij

    How To How to Pick the Best Graphics Card

    In PC gaming the biggest, flashiest star of all is the graphics card (GPU). While many of us are always seeking out the latest technology, different people will have their own hardware needs. First off, determine the primary use of your PC. If you plan to use your computer for web browsing or...
  2. Lutfij

    How To How to Re-Install Graphics Card Drivers

    There are a number of times where we see that the frames per second of our beloved game has dropped to the point that it's no longer tolerable. There can be a number of causes, but a common troubleshooting step is to check to see if there are any driver updates for your graphics card. Whether...
  3. S

    Graphics cards PSU connectors

    Hey there, I'm upgrading a HP h9-1460ea from the original GPU from Nvidia GTX 660 to the GTX 1660 Super. AS far as I can tell, the card should fit physically in the case, and the PSU should be sufficient (600W). The PSU model number is DPS-600WB A, and I've already checked the BIOS and it is...
  4. M

    Question Is the RTX 260 worth the £300 ?

    Hello all, I’m building a PC for streaming and gaming (also some video editing and excel work etc) and have included the RTX 2060 GPU in my build. Now, I’ve heard some poor reviews on this GPU in terms of its price-to-performance ratio. Is it worth upgrading to something better/dropping down to...
  5. D

    Question Asrock RX 570 not being recognized.

    Got a replacement GPU about 3 months ago and the other day was playing Destiny 2. Switched over to Dead by Daylight custom lobby with my friends. As the lobby started loading the screen went black and the sound in my headset glitched out. Turned it off and on and it was working fine. As soon as...
  6. T

    3080 or 6800xt with Gsync Monitor ?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card some time around Christmas! However I'm not sure whether to grab the 3080(possibly 3070) or 6800xt. The 6800xt will be cheaper however I'm running a 1440p 144hz GSync monitor. Would you say GSync will be a game changer when it comes to choosing...
  7. Z

    Did anyone get a RTX3070 today?

    I kept getting kicked out of Scans trying to buy one in the UK, did anyone have any luck or are they all being resold on ebay?
  8. Bobbylol

    Question Graphical Artifacts and Crashing

    Description: My computer for the past 3 months been spewing artifacts at me when skipping, pausing, and loading videos, and for the past 6 months crashing in specific games (Dead by Daylight, War Thunder), the crash results in a black screen with audio output but no input from my mic and...
  9. W

    Question Don’t know what to upgrade

    I’ve had my computer for a while and now have a little more money to spend. The stuff I have is getting dated and starting to slow down I can still run games but have to put them on low or deal with frame drops. My system as of right now is... Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb Intel i5-4440 3.10ghz 8gb of ram...
  10. UghThatGuyAgain

    Question Games crash, leaving DX crashed and most all other games running DX unable to load

    Hi there! I'm brand new to the forum, but this is my first thread anywhere requesting help about this. The title fairly well explains it, but let me go into a bit more detail. I am running a Windows 10 ASUS Gaming Laptop with an NVIDIA GTX 1050, 16 GB of ram, and an Intel i7-7700hq. Below in...
  11. PCG Dave

    Question PC Gamer Reader Awards - vote for your favourite graphics card!

    We want to know what PC gaming hardware you lovely people love. What is the gear that sparks joy in the heart of the PC Gamer community? We're not necessarily talking about the most powerful technology known to siliconkind, we're talking about the PC hardware that real people use. We've been...
  12. R

    PALIT GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB STORMX

    Hi I'm new to PC gaming and only just got my PC.. I run it on a 60hz TV at the moment looking to Upgrade to a Monitor.. Does anyone run this Graphics card? PALIT GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB STORMX If so what do yous get in terms of FPS and what would be the best gaming monitor to go for?
  13. PCG Dave

    PC Gamer Reader Awards - tell us about the graphics cards you love!

    What's the PC gaming gear that you've fallen in love with? It doesn't matter whether it's the latest Nvidia graphics card, a 2000-series AMD CPU, or that grinty gaming mouse you picked up a few years back but now can't bear to be without. Whatever it is, we want to know about it. And we're not...
  14. Y

    Question What causes bad graphics?

    Hi, when I play games on my custom gaming PC, the graphics look really awful, like in Fortnite, it all just looks square and smudged. In my Fortnite settings, it auto-recommended the lowest preset, but I've tried it on a higher one, but doesn't change the graphics and kills the FPS. I don't know...
  15. zfoell

    Upgrading graphics card; quick PSU question

    I have an old Lenovo desktop that runs games alright, and I'm not looking to go in on a full-blown rig yet. I have an Nvidia GeForce GT 730, and a 280W PSU. I am getting an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and all of its spec sheets say it is designed to operate on a 300W PSU (btw my desktop's spec...
  16. Mridul2910

    Question How do I solve hardware graphics acceleration issue for older fifa versions on windows 10 PC?

    I have tried installing many old EA Sports FIFA PC Game versions in my windows laptop like FIFA 2005, FIFA 08, FIFA 10. But after installation, when i try to execute game it gives an error that game requires Hardware Graphics acceleration. I have 64 bit Windows 10 PC with AMD Radeon R5 M330...
  17. G

    Question Upgrade my GPU or Monitor now?

    I’m planning on upgrading my system. I want to buy the RTX 2080 Super from ASUS. But it’s Price has increased to about $CAD 1200. And it’s rumored that NVIDIA is gonna release the new 3000 series soon. Or I could get the Razer Raptor display( which is 144Hz, 1440P, 27 inch). my current pc...
  18. T

    When should I rebuilt my PC

    My PC: -H97 ANNIVERSARY FOR 1150 SOCKETS -i5 4460 INTEL -R9 380 AMD MSI - 8 GB OF RAM -EVGA 500W POWER SUPPLIE I play games like the Witcher 3, Subnautica, COD, GTA, exploration/survival games (ARK)... My question is: when should I build another PC? I bought the PC that I have right now in...
  19. C

    Brand new PC gamer need help!

    Hey yall im brand new to the pc gaming world. I ordered a pre built pc and it came without a graphics card, it has 2gb of graphics integrated into the system somehow. Motherboard had a pci express slot in it, do I need a specific type of graphics card, or will any do? Here is what I have...
  20. PraZerR

    choice of graphics card

    Hi My current config: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 MSI B450M BAZOOKA 8GB of ram 3000 MHz DDR4 1TB of HDD 120GB M.2 SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Suddenly I would like to change the graphics card to change my config suddenly I think I would take a Radeon RX 5500 XT 8G or an rtx. So is it good otherwise...