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  1. Lutfij

    How To How to Improve FPS on PC

    Have you ever been playing your favorite game when suddenly it starts playing out like a slide show? If you're a gamer, you're likely very familiar with that experience. The good news is that this is something that you can improve upon by following some troubleshooting steps for both software...
  2. H

    Question Game lags suddenly then comes back normal.

    I have Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop and I have been using this for 6 months. It was fine until when I try to play games , the fps drops suddenly for a while and goes back to normal 60 fps again. This has been happening for a while. And I dont know how to fix this. All my games are stored in an HDD...
  3. theneoncake

    Question Low FPS and low GPU usage help??

    My boyfriend used to play games with no problem and ever since we moved he's had massive FPS drops. We went to Best Buy and they ran diagnostics for a pricy amount (even when we already tried at home) and they said hardware was completely fine?? Then told us to remove some software like Razer to...
  4. BackStack1002

    Are e-sports and competitive video gaming actually full of so called "cool macho" guys and not really full of nerds?

    Are hardcore gamers of competitive video games and e-sports such as FPS, competitive RTS, and MOBA really just what people call as "cool manly" guys and not really the stereotypical nerds and geeks? Is it really true that majority of the stereotypical nerds or geeks are often unskilled and bad...
  5. Bnymynp1

    Age Of Empire optimization

    Hi all, when im playing Age of empire my FPS monitor shows low FPS in the middle of the game. i checked with the task manager and its balance the efforts betwwen my GPU and CPU (20% to both) i have GPU - 1080ti CPU - i7 8700k should i priortize or change some setting for my PC, because i have...
  6. M

    Question why have my frames dropped dramatically?

    I finally got an upgrade on my GPU from a friend (GTX1660 super) and was pumped to have 100+ fps in CoD warzone and Coldwar zombies. up to 120! Unfortunately that only lasted about a week and now I get 50-70fps. I dont remember changing anything at all and its lasted this way for about a month...
  7. Kid1996

    fps drops after last warzone update.

    Hello guys. I am playing warzone in full low graphics. After last game update my fps ruined. I didint change anything manual. Drivers are also fine. Any ideas? :/
  8. Craftono

    Question Low fps in all games.

    I have had my PC for a few years, and this problem has been happening for most of the time. I have seen benchmarks and tons of videos showing my almost exact build getting up to 100 fps more than what I am getting. I'm am getting 140 fps on fortnite(low settings) 140- 30fps low minecraft(low...
  9. G

    Question Extremely low frames after upgrading

    I recently upgraded my motherboard, CPU, and ram. I used to have AMD FX 8320, ddr3, and now i have a Ryzen 5 2600, ddr4. Before uprading, I got bad frames in most games because of my CPU, so its hard to tell when this issue started. In Warzone i would get around 40-50 fps, and now i get 15-20...
  10. Sarafan

    Quake 3 Arena in modern times ;)

    You've probably noticed my other thread in which I suggested some great mods which overhaul the graphics and gameplay of Q1. Now I decided to take one more trip to the past and installed Q3 Arena. Yup, the multiplayer mostly game from 2000. :) I was wandering whether there are people still...
  11. KiwiBlitz

    Question Games similar to Battleswarm: Field of Honor?

    Hey So i don't use forums like this a lot so sorry if this is the wrong place but i recently managed to remember the name of the game in the title that i remembered playing. I thought it was pretty cool both how you fought hordes on the human team and how it was a FPS/RTS hybrid. Of course...
  12. B

    MASSIVE FPS drop (half) when playing on 4K TV

    A bit long post because I have tried everything I could before posting. CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K 4.00 GHz, no overclock GPU: GTX 1808 Ti, 11 GB VRAM, No Overclock RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1333 MHz OS: Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Description of the problem: I have been playing NieR: Automata on my...
  13. zfoell

    Upgrading graphics card; quick PSU question

    I have an old Lenovo desktop that runs games alright, and I'm not looking to go in on a full-blown rig yet. I have an Nvidia GeForce GT 730, and a 280W PSU. I am getting an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and all of its spec sheets say it is designed to operate on a 300W PSU (btw my desktop's spec...
  14. Jpmwell

    FPS cap?

    Hi guys, ive came across something...not so much of an issue, as my rig is playing games fine, but ive had the performance overlay on while im playing DayZ, Pubg and tarkov which are the only games I'm bothered in playing. And each time my games are only running at 60fps, I've dropped...
  15. HBZK100

    Call of Duty: Warzone -- Opinions and Thoughts?

    Has anybody played Warzone yet? I'd like to know how the game is, and if it's worth to play??
  16. blinksy

    Most anticipated future Battle Royale Games?

    The BR genre has slowed down a bit in 2019. I haven't heard much about upcoming battle royale games, but im sure there are some good ones on the horizon. Anyone know any upcoming BR games with good potential?