Zirfiend KB for £78—is it good?

Dec 11, 2022
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https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BM6PSPMZ my friend brought this and he said he bought it for fun and apparently he prefers it over his logitech mx and regrets spending 170 what do u guys reckon? should i cop?

[Mod edit: changed title for clarity from the unhelpful "my friend brought this keyboard, he said its sick for the price, what do u guys reckon".]
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If you plan on mostly gaming and look at a logitech you should look at the Logitech G keyboards not the mX series, MX be good (well some of them) but they are mainly for office work and typing and such. Though G will work for office and MX for gaming ofc. But MX are in general more adapted to typing hence using other switches and membranes than the gaming oriented G does.

"edit" i can't personally recomend the keyboard you linked since i never heard of or tried it myself.
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