You are now the last video game character you played. What do you do?.

I'm the Ruruk King of Sweden. I contract an illness and have my highly skilled physician concoct an experimental cure. The cure instead makes me very ill and shortly after I die at 42. My vassals for some reason elect the wrong son as player heir and I become an 11 year old boy with 0 diplomacy skills. I am universally hated by the vassals who just elected me, who form a faction supporting the son who I actually wanted to be my heir.
I continue to destroy all demons I encounter, defend against alien attempts to wipe out humanity, and evade and fight a big menacing guy that just won't die.

Can you guess which 3 games I've been playing?

I'll give you a clue phrase,...

Rip your nemesis apart chief.
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Jul 13, 2020
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I'm trying to run away from home only to get caught and sent back home over and over again just to try to escape again.
Dad is super angry but most of family is supportive of my cause except cousin Meg who's the first to snitch on me and get me caught.
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I'm currently playing through the first Baldur's Gate. I've had to re-load my save so many times due to an early death, so I hope I never have to become that character in real life.
Oct 8, 2020
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I'm Arthur Morgan, which sounds pretty cool being a cowboy and all, but since I've spoiled the story already for myself I'm not too sure if I should be happy about that.

So I probably head over to the saloon and drink myself silly, rob a couple of people and do a little drunk horse driving. Does one drive a horse? Well, whatever. I'm a free man baby!

OsaX Nymloth

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I am the ruler of Korea, leading my nation towards glorious future in which I will help create StarCraft and make it a global phenom that will serve as diplomatic tool. Every war, discussion etc. will be resolved by representatives 1vs1 bo5. World peace is at hand!
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I don't know what I'd be doing right now, but I assume it's still harvest season for a lot of crops. Playing farming simulator. But I only switched to that because the servers were down for maintenance on Fallout 76. If I were that character, I'd be trying to make peace with my maker cause I don't go very long between deaths.
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OK, I've got two more that are occupying most of my gaming time lately.

I battle for fastest time, to avoid having to weave through the pack, in cars, and now trucks, on the toughest of tracks.

I soar through the air, careful to time it right, or the convoluted ground, really starts to bite. It takes a lot of energy, to endure this life, and officially requires at least 3 tries.

OK, what games am I playing?