Xbox Controller Becomes Unresponsive!!!


Jan 27, 2020
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I have an odd problem , I recently purchased an xbox one controller to play on my PC but after about 20 minutes or so if game play , it becomes unresponsive wired and using bluetooth. It doesn't turn off , it simply becomes unresponsive until I hit the windows key and click back into the game. Then it works for a while until I have to do it all over again . I don't have an issue with the controller on my xbox and the controller I replaced it with never had this problem. I haven't used the official xbox bluetooth dongle but I can't imagine that it would solve my problem as this happens when I'm using it wired. Is there any fix for this? Am I doing something wrong ?
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First thing I would do is update the firmware through the XBOX accessories app.

If that doesn't help I'd then remove the device from the system (in the device manager) and let it reinstall (including the bluetooth device you use if possible). I always remove the device, reboot, and then install the device again just to be sure.

Next I'd probably remove the batteries from the controller and use it with a cable to see if something changes.

Try another controller.

Not sure after that.


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