x64 seems to use x32 programs by default

Nov 16, 2021
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I was going through task manager, and I noticed that my MSi GP75 Leopard (64 bit) had a lot of 32 bit programs. Is it possible that there was an error, or that these programs only have 32 bit? Any help would be appreciated.
Edit: It's my first Windows laptop so I'm not really knowledgeable about these things


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That's normal @Kn1ghtsJMC - lots of programs are still 32-bit. 64-bit processors can all emulate 32-bit just fine. The only big problem with 32-bit programs is that they can't access nearly as much memory but, if a program doesn't need all that much memory, it's often best to just leave the program in 32-bit so the few people still running 32-bit Windows can use the same program.
What @Zloth said.

For example, here's MS's page re their Office suite, lots of reasons to prefer the 32-bit version, which is what I still use on my x64 PC:
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