Wordle—daily Browser 3-min word puzzle

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Wordle 462 X/6

No luck this time... I think if English was my mother tongue I could have guessed it though :)
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Indeed, and time to eat it, lots of time ;)
But don't forget the cheese, a holey experience.

So obviously you avoid all combat games, right?

I have played combat games in the past, for example World of Warcraft. However, whenever I‘m in a combat game, I find myself either questing, training pets or exploring the map instead of fighting ther players… Seems I‘m a pacifist gamer so to say :p

I have to admit, I don‘t like cheese at all. The smell reminds me of feet all the time…
You should figure out to negotiate peace treaties between various guilds and factions.
Haha, maybe :p But don't these games just exist for having war?

I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.
I see what you did there :ROFLMAO:

What’s the best part about living in Switzerland?
Joking aside, I think the best thing about growing up in Switzerland is the multilingualism. There's three national languages (German, French and Italian)* and you get confronted with those languages plus English from early childhood on. So, even if I don't speak Italian for example, I can understand an italian text and sometimes even a speech (if they talk it slowly).

*Actually there's even four national languages. The fourth being Rhaeto-Romanic. However, this language is almost extinct nowadays.
Wordle 464 6/6


Best of today's puzzle: I tried Irish as a word and its not in their database :ROFLMAO:

Latin has been in the grave for centuries.
Besides the fact that its part of my studies, I enjoy learning dead languages! It's like a puzzle game to me :) Depending on what you count as an own language and what's just a different epoch of a language, I've learned five dead languages so far (three of them being different epochs of the same language)...
Yes. I'm a Nerd. And proud of it! :geek:
I tried Irish as a word and its not in their database
Well then, since you have uncovered a secret of Wordle—repeat letters for efficiency—try Alina and Swiss tomorrow! Something else should then become clear… :D

I've learned five dead languages so far
That's the saving grace, of course. I'm looking forward to the much wider range of chats in the afterlife, should be stimulating—altho I hear the word 'resurrect' has been banned for a couple of millennia now. No others, I hope.

So you must be bucking for chief interpreter in the CIA—Communication In Afterlife—then, are you?
Wordle 466 5/6


Sticking to my five tries :)

repeat letters for efficiency
I try words with one letter each until I'm about sure (or at least I think I'm sure) which letters are in the word. Since the solution can have the same letter twice (or even three times, depending on the word).... I let my gutfeeling decide :p

Are you trying to tell me that no country related words are involved in the riddles? The fact that the NYTimes doesn't know my name was already oubvious to me :LOL:
Are you trying to tell me that no country related words are involved in the riddles
I haven't played in a while, and NYT may have changed the rules, but if I recall correctly, proper nouns are not involved—that's words which are normally capitalized, like names etc.

Earlier posts in the thread have discussed various peoples strategies, with the general goal of solving in 3 tries maybe half the time.

We had a Two-Line Club going, the record up to when I stopped playing is in this post.
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Ah I see! Thanks for the tip, they didn't state this in their game info. I guess I have to recap some English grammar for the next try :p
One big strategy I used was that I came up with two throw-away words that have the most used letters in the English language. I can usually guess after that by process of elimination. If I still have no idea, I have a third word that uses the next most-used letters.
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Oct 13, 2022
Wordle 481 5/6

honestly I love wordle so much i got the app but I still get an average of 5/6
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