What is the best Setup to Increase FPS in Warzone with the Hardware i have

Oct 17, 2022
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Hi Everyone
I have the Following Setup and would love to boost my FPS in Warzone

Samsung 27inch G7 Monitor

AMD Ryzen7 3700x (CPU)
B450M Aorus Elite (MB)
Teamgroup 2x8gb 3600mhz (RAM)
Windows 10
Gigabyte N3070Aorus M-8GD Gaming OC (GPU)

For the life of me i cannot seem to create the perfect combination between Nvidia Control panel settings, GEForce Settings, In Game (Warzone) settings and my actual Monitor settings

I am fluctuating between 115 and 135fps in game however, on Heaven, it benchmarks my system at average 195 FPS

If you're trying to play competitively, turn just about everything but view/draw distance to its lowest setting. If you're gunning (no pun intended) for a beautiful experience, just turn it up all/most of the way. You seem to have the hardware to. :)
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Heaven benchmarks and playing Call of Duty are going to produce different FPS. Yes if you want to hit the same refresh as your monitor, your going to want to put your settings to low to get your max fps.

A link about the 3070 in warzone.



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