Who plays world of tanks?

I honestly didn't enjoy this game, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad game. It just comes down to player preference. Eh, stats are just numbers, people just give meaning to them. If you're enjoying the game, that's all that matters. I assure you the developers will love to know players have fun enjoying the game they made rather than players bullying others about their stats.
I play it and I enjoy it. But my stats aren't all that great. And I don't worry to much about stats. Is this a wrong way to think? I ask because a few people last night railed on me because of my stats. So how do you guys feel about it?
You can find my stats here https://worldoftanks.eu/stats/profile/yoppy7

I've never played World of Tanks, but I know that some games allow you to hide your stats, so I looked it up and apparently if you type in /hidestats no one will be able to see yours.

Edit: Ah crap. I got tricked into an old thread.
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