Who do you play with?

Are you a solo player? Do you play with close friends? Do you play with your wife, son, daughter etc.? Is your family (if you have one) a gamer family that plays together or a gamer family that plays their own stuff?? Do you play with a clan, guild or some other group?

Im mostly a solo player, i play with my wife and son once in a while, were all "gamers" but generally play our own thing. Even though i run a clan and am an officer in another guild i still wind up playing mostly solo. Havent developed too many relationships with people ive met online because of this but im not unhappy about it lol. So how about you?
I've been playing Spiritfarer and some Stardew Valley with my daughter.

Haven't played much with my wife since my work asked me to remove all games from my work laptop.

I've been playing Warhammer 2 with one of my friends every so often, but since I don't have much time to game we've mostly played the first 20-30 turns of several campaigns.

I've also been playing Warhammer 2 solo whenever I have some free time in the evenings.

I've never liked playing with or against strangers.


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I play all solo right now, but I've played plenty of multiplayer before. I played Asheron's Call with a guy I knew at work, but then it spread around. In City of Heroes, we just formed pretty randomly. (Not unlike the group we've got here, really, except mostly sticking with the same time zones.)

The MMOs all seemed to migrate as far away from City of Heroes' instancing model as much as they could, though, so I drifted away. (I still might give EVE a shot when I retire.)
These days I only play solo. When I was younger we had a group of friends who used to play a lot together, both over LAN and online. Over time that evolved into board game nights and finally I moved a long way away, so doesnt happen much anymore.

Play a little most days with my daughter but shes 3.5 so mostly she like to watch me play Mario games on the Switch. Shes pretty into it and I think we'll play a bit more stuff as she gets older. My wife only plays mobile games, mostly match 3 stuff, but we occasionally play arty adventure puzzle type games like Gris, or Inside together, when theres a chance.

Gaming has always mostly been a solitary thing for me, I spend most days dealing with different people so its always been my time to wind down and not have to talk to anyone.
Hi-Yo, Silver!

My closest to online play is with a bunch of guys, playing word games on PCGamer's forums. Can get quite tense if two are online at the same time, fighting for the same prime letters. Some of 'em are truly vicious, trained on Souls—slice your vocab off with a double somersault triple axle slack n hash maneuver.

SO and I played board games together, and will again when living situation improves. She's played a small bit of Civ and Far Cry, but mostly plays Nonograms and hidden object—plus frequent Royal Envoy series reruns.

Played a bunch of sports many decades ago, and also a lot of cards & other games with friends—but all that petered out a long time back. I guess games communities have replaced that to a degree this millennium, but I've been enjoying solo video games for over 30 years now :)
Mostly single player games.
Apart from 2 MMO and I never kept in contact with the players in them after fact. Started playing wow with some friends but they gave up before I did. A number of reasons turned me off those games.
I don't think I played with/against a family member since we had a Tandy Color computer... a while ago now.
Internet speed was a huge barrier for me for ever until the last few years. I used to play multiplayer games but my connection was so bad, in one of them, I only ever played with someone else one night, any other time it wouldn't work well.
SO and I played board games together

My wife and I used to host board game days every week for whichever friends wanted to show up. That kind of stopped when our kid got older and needed more attention and covid happened. Only one friend still visits us almost every weekend and we usually continue our Gloomhaven campaign when he's over.

We'll probably start inviting people over again after we've finished moving, now that almost all covid restrictions have been lifted.


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I mostly play alone. Single player games are my favorites. Rarely I decide to jump into some online title, but usually I end up playing with some random people from the internet. The problem with playing with friends is that you need to synchronize your time of play which isn't easy these times. Frequently when I have time to play, they don't and vice versa. Sign of the times unfortunately. :( Although I managed to find some time to play Total War Empire or Total War Shogun 2 in the upcoming Saturday with my friend. It's one of these rare occasions when we have some free time simultaneously. I have no doubts it'll be fun!
Wow! This forum is a lot different than most. I fit in a lot more here. Most forums are full of young people who only play multiplayer games. I'm a 49 year old guy who almost always plays only single player games. I'm really surprised to see most people here say they play alone, like me.

Sometimes I'll play local multiplayer Switch games, like motion controlled party-style games, but that doesn't happen very often. And I am considering playing It Takes Two with my youngest son. But it's mostly single player for me.
Almost always been in some guild while playing MMOs, but nowadays I'm more into single-player games. I do play a lot of games with my nephews, which is really fun. It is especially fun playing FPS games and having discussions about what weapons to use, what attachments, how to move/shoot, and of course, tease a little when one of us makes a big blunder. As I am getting older, playing FPS games is also a great way to hone my situational awareness, eye-hand coordination, and reaction times.
Single player mode only for me. I just like to put on my headphones, shut out everything else, and be immersed in a game's world, especially if it has a decent story. That's one of the reasons I stick to mainly RPGs. I've never had any interest in MMOs or PVP modes or any of the online things they have now. Co-op is the only mode I might consider some day, but a lot would depend upon the game and the other person. Hasn't happened yet, but I'm perfectly happy in my single player games.


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And today like I announced before, I spent 4 hours playing Total War with my friend. We decided to change the game and picked Shogun 2 instead of Empire. What more we've decided to start a campaign instead of single battles! It was fun as hell! We'll certainly continue it in the future. Don't limit yourself to single player games people! Try something different from time to time. :)


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