Which games should I play if I am new to gaming

depends on what your own preferences are , you might think xyz looks good but some players might think they rubbish.

Example .... if you like sports games you could type ... best pc sports games into your browser , when you look at a list that somebody has posted , chose something and look at snippets of it on you tube just to get taster of why i looks like.
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With no way to really know what you're going to like, you would probably be best off doing one of those subscription services, so you can pay monthly to have access to a huge list of games. Then just start trying stuff until you find some you like.

This. Yea theres no way to know what will make you like a game, there mustve been something that you played or saw being played that got you into it. If you have 10,15 bucks, you can get the windows pc game pass (im assuming youre using a pc) and it has games from pretty much every genre.
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While I agree that a game pass is probably a good idea, I think we could at least come up with some games with decent tutorials/low learning curve, categorized by genre.

Age of Empires for example is probably a good start for RTS, especially when playing on the lower difficulties, as it's quite slow.

Portal as a puzzle game. It does a great job introducing its mechanics while playing the game and is generally considered to be a great game for new gamers.

Civilization (V or VI) is probably a good entry into 4X games. It has a pretty extended advisor function and is also easy to learn while playing on the lowest difficulty settings.
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That's 4X. X4 is the game by Egosoft. ;)

I wonder if the original Endless Space would be a better 4X starter game? It doesn't have the fun of being able to build The Great Wall of Portugal, but its mechanics are relatively easy, IMHO.

For shooters, it's got to be Doom.

The Mass Effect series would be pretty good for introducing RPGs. It's almost more shooter than RPG but there are a lot of RPG conventions you could learn with it that would make a more in-depth RPG easier to understand.
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