What's your favorite tycoon style game?

I probably never enjoyed one as much as I enjoyed Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. The third game was fantastic, as well, as is their later game Planet Coaster, but the thing that set RCT2 apart from the rest for me was the great campaign (really just scenarios). My older brother liked 3 better, but he never did anything but sandbox mode.

I'd like to try their zoo game, but I refuse to until I get all the DLC, which is still too expensive even on sale.

I've never played any of the transportation tycoon games, but would like to give one a try some time.

I've also got a Casino Tycoon game, which I played for a bit and enjoyed, but I decided to wait for it to exit early access before really diving into it more.

So what about you?


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Hmmm, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 or Railroad Tycoon 2.... I think I'll go with the railroads. The coasters let you design your own coasters (which I completely crazy with in RTC3) but I liked buying up all those industries even more. Also, short-selling my own stocks and then driving the company into the ground. ;)

(Egosoft's games are kinda tycoony, but there's way more shooting.)
I played a lot of Rollercoaster Tycoon (2), but mostly with cheats because I was too young to properly manage my park. So I would mostly just create ridiculous rollercoasters and massive mazes.

Theme Park Inc. was kinda fun as well because you could actually ride your rollercoasters, but the missions weren't as good.

I played a decent amount of Theme Hospital as well. I started it up again not that long ago and it holds up very well even today.

Zoo Tycoon is pretty mediocre in my opinion. The idea of making a zoo is more fun than the actual work to make one.
Another vote for Theme Park, I spent ages on that game. Most notable memory is probably the weird staff pay negotiation mechanic, I don't think I've ever seen that again in a game since.

Second choice would be Sid Meiers Railroads. Not quite like the original Railroad Tycoon since it felt a bit simplified. But growing your various towns and resource locations larger by transporting goods was quite satisfying.