What's the worst thing you've made your character wear?


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Maybe you've worn things for stats or maybe you just enjoy being mean to the reality-challenged. Whatever the case, what's the worst article of clothing and/or outfit you've made your character wear for longer than five minutes. (Simply checking to see how it looks then immediately removing it while screaming "get it off!" does not count.)

TOTALLY inspired by Brian's hat in the screenshot thread. ;)
I still don't see the fuss about a butt-crack hat, but to each hir own :D

Far Cry 6 is the first game I've played where clothing makes a difference, and the worst item imo so far is the hazmat headgear, plus of course the stupid-looking supremo backpack. For some reason, the game says I'm in a 'mode' right now which doesn't allow 'camera view' in Photo Mode, so I can't grab a shot—so, later.
hazmat headgear, plus of course the stupid-looking supremo backpack

Not far behind is some post-apocalyptic helmet, but it's definitely cooler.
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Jun 22, 2021
That has to be this dress in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Sure, it looks clean in the cutscene, but that dress has been to A LOT! I have been stabbed at, shot at, and slept in the gutter for weeks. I have been thrown dirty bottles at, torched and the last thing I used it for was to clean out a brothel by literarily picking up all the dirty napkins and then celebrating by sleeping on the same mattress!



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