whats the most expensive game you have ever seen

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Im actually surprised - the PC game shops in Australia have not closed down -as most Players here in Australia - download Pirated games !!!! I know its sad - but that is the facts !!!
Parents still exist. parents who don't know all the games are now digital and go buy something for people there at xmas. Can still get games from JB Hifi, they not digital yet. Thats about only reason these people still have stores - https://www.ebgames.com.au/ - I could go to a local one now.

not everyone downloads pirated games.
Jan 8, 2023
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I think I only saw the new part of call of duty the most expensive I know some game was over $1000 something I heard about it but I didn't see it
This cost a lot

Nov 6, 2023
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I myself haven’t come across particularly expensive editions of games, since I mostly buy games on Steam, but I think the most expensive edition I’ve seen is the Dying Light edition, complete with which the player receives a whole house (more precisely, a base for survival) ...


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