What weapons do you think have the coolest/funniest abilities?

For the cool factor:

  • "So, my demons. Your time has come" The Hellwalker Shotgun (Borderlands 3) - One of the coolest weapons I have tried out as it both looks badass and it plays Doom sound effects when you shoot!
  • Eyelander and Charging Targe combo (Team Fortress 2) - I always loved this combo. You basically use the shield to charge your enemy and the huge sword to decapitate while yelling: "There can be only one!"
  • Cerebral Bore (Turok) - Equally fun to use. The weapon lets you shoot a projectile that drills inside and explode the victim's head. Love it!
For the fun factor:
  • Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem 3D) - You shrink your enemies and then you can stomp on them or watch them run around.
  • Fat Man (Fallout: New Vegas) - Bigbadaboom :cool:
  • Gravity Gun (Half-Life) - You can kill, build, trap, move, adjust and do just about anything with this thing of weird science!

Have at it!:)
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Subterranean APC
from Command & Conquer 2 if I recall correctly, that's Tiberian Sun. Could carry 5 Nod troops underground almost anywhere on the map, enabling them to bypass defenses and environmental hazards. Added a great strategic twist to the game, for both sides.
Far Cry 5 New Dawn's Saw Launcher was both cool and fun. Cool was that it could kill more than one enemy per shot—it would bounce between them, could also be bounced off walls etc for round-the-corner attacks.
Any bow is cool for me, but my favorite is probably the Blood Dragon Bow in Far Cry 5 New Dawn—it was almost a superweapon once you geared up with fire and explosive arrows.

The Gravity Gun was first thing that popped into my head too.
Shovel Launcher from Far Cry 5 was a laugh for a bit, and Horatio your friendly fearsome FC5 boar—read biological tank—was a sight to behold on the rampage.
The MAD tank from one of Red Alert 1's expansions was fun too—set it off near an enemy force and they all lose 50% health, then rush in your own force to have a field day.
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Shark Gun from Armed & Dangerous. Saints Row got one, too, but I liked the original.

BFG from Doom. Bang! You're dead. You're ALL dead.

And, because I've got my head in X space right now, the Yaki from X3 had a Plasma Burst Generator. Basically: a flame thrower for space ships.
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I also like The Golden Pan in Cuisine Royale (for some reason called CRSED: F.O.A.D. now). Combined with the Bunny Slippers of Bounce it was pretty fun as you basically could jump really high and smash people midair killing them instantly with the pan.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds also got a funny weapon called Balloon Archer. You can shoot balloon arrows at the enemy and watch them go up, up, and up in the air the more you shoot them.
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