What swag do you have on your desk?


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So I know you all have awesome PC's and some cool kit, but aside from peripheral tech, what swag do you have on your desk?

This sounds silly but you know how folks sometimes have crystals on theirs? I have a skylander cloudy cobra crystal that my nephew gave me when he was 4 - I know it's not a real crystal but it really does soothe me because I think of the kids, it goes with my stuff and its fun and kind of magic looking. :D


So what do you have? Bonus points for pics, and I'll accept novelty mugs too.



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This is a 3D printed Eredin (The Wild Hunt) helm that I had the guys at work make for me. It sits on the windowsill behind my desk and is a great conversation starter!



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Have you tried wearing it? @McStabStab

Yes, it could use some padding inside because currently it's just the PLA material, so it's just hard plastic. It does fit on my head though and I can see through the eye openings. I've had it for a while and at the time it was made my older son was 2 years old and it scared the hell out of him, poor guy!
No swag on my desk. The desk i use is one of those small computer tables that has enough room for the keyboard and screen. Most of it is taken by the mouse+mousepad, wacom tablet, a whole load of pens, some old cards and a reporters notepad. Should really buy a new table but nothing seems to fit the bill tbh.

Frankly my table is an organized mess and the same goes for my bed room. a bomb site of stacks of books, papers and magazines.
Currently i have this predalien statue, i dont have the weapons on them atm because they break easily so i have them put away. Its pretty big and kinda heavy. I actually got an offer to sell it for almost twice what i paid but i couldnt, i cant even find it for sale anywhere:


Then i have my favorite Destiny 2 special collectors edition peice they ever released which is the Hive Ghost Shell (its what we as players have to keep giving us infinte lives, then bungie gave that ability to our enemies, and this is the best looking one to me imo. It lights up and makes noises:



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