Question what pc game isn't boring?

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Does this help?

If not, what games have you enjoyed in the past? We need some clues.
You need to define what's boring/exciting for you in games. For me, what keeps me interested in a game is replayability, and that usually comes from 1), offering several difficulty modes that make the game feel different as you progress, 2), having many nuances to the combat, enemies, skills, and upgrades that need to be learned well to master the game, 3), having spontaneous moments where you randomly encounter attacks from predatory animals, ambushers, hostages that need rescuing, etc. Lastly, Games that are challenging enough to make you really think about the weapons you use, how you move, etc..

The games for me that I got a ton of replay value out of were...

Original Deus Ex
Medal of Honor series
Call of Duty series
Star Wars Jedi Outcast and Fallen Order
Half Life series
RE 4, RE 3 Remake, RE 7
Portal series
Doom 3, Doom Eternal
Tomb Raider series
Max Payne series, especially Max Payne 3
F.E.A.R. series
STALKER series
Kane & Lynch 2
Metro series
Just Cause series
Call of Juarez series (not Cartel)
Need for Speed older titles
Dead Space series
Dying Light
Bioshock Infinite
DiRT series
GRID series
Far Cry series
Mass Effect series
Assassins' Creed series
Crysis series
Wolfenstein series
Spec Ops The Line
The Evil Within
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Monster Energy Supercross series
Days Gone
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