What is the name of this game?

Jul 13, 2021

I played a game but I got no clue what the game was called.
I think I played it somewhere in between 2010-2015.

It was a game with conspiracy theorys and diplomacy but also a shooter and a hacking game, with some boss fights. Started out with a conspiracy like movie clip.
There were one female boss I remember with 2 akimbo revolvers. There was also one hard decision where you had to make a choice if you save your wife or girlfriend - or save 1000s ofcivilians instead, but in the end of the game she left you anyway.... Then there was another boss fight where the melody of the song from pink floyd's "run like hell" was playing in the backround, I belive the boss was a russian mafia guy or smth like this.
The game itself was something like splinter cell but as far as I looked trough the versions - I couldnt find it. The game had pretty decent graphics atleast for this time.
The game had also different endings and a lot of "choices matter", who allied with you or who would be your enemy in the end.
I think in this game you could also change your facial appearance - different beards - but I could mix up this with another game.
Thats all what I can remember of that game - It was a great game!!! xD

Please help me!!! :)

Thank you and best regards!!!

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Jul 13, 2021
The best I can come up with is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But I doubt that's it.

EDIT: after a bit more research Alpha Protocol seems to fit pretty well with your description.
Thanks a lot !!! :) I have been searching for this game for years!!! :D
You stopped me from going mad on my search for the holy grail, I almost though this was all in my imagination.
Here you can see the bossfight with the 2 akimbo revolvers! It was hillarious!!!

ALPHA PROTOCOL IT IS!!! Deus EX is my all time favourite game, I will never forget this name!!! xD

View: https://youtu.be/TPfOvoN8Q-o
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