Question What is the best way to play Retro console games on a pc

Aug 18, 2020
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Hello, I have used a pc to play Retro console games over the years, using the emulators that have been created such as GEN for Sega genesis, and have seen lately that some Retro game consoles have been made, including Raspberry Pi which looks like a very simplified pc. I think it would be alot easier just to use a pc for Retro gaming and would like to know what people here think is the best way to do that. I mean what specs should be required, how to have the emulators organised and setup on the computer so they work seamlessly together?

Is the operating system used keyand which ones are ideal for this?

I basically want to be able to do what today's Retro game consoles can do without having to pay so much a n just doing it with a home pc.

Thanks for advice 👍