What is the best settings for my ryzen 1950x?

Dec 16, 2022
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Hi guys, wondering if this is a normal usage on a 1950x threadripper Ryzen. My older-total war games go slow, and I wanted to ask for any advice in game performance even though its not made to game that hard. What's the best settings to use on this card? and if my current loadout is overkill/underkill for daily task performances

preview of what i got in settings

I also have , I know of 64 gigs of ram, so curious on if I should change anything in some type of settings whether it be bios or CPU, on what to change to take advantage of it

Hi guys, new here, I have an older setup of a gtx 1080 TI, with a ryzen 1950x and just need basic help on the best gaming configuration towards it, I have screenshots in other threads but am willing to show when I can
Hi and welcome. If you're looking for help with overclocking, you would have more luck over at Toms Hardware.

As a gaming site there arent many people with knowledge of that kind of thing here.

All I can say is that you have a first generation Ryzen CPU, although its a high end one with a lot of cores I suspect your limitation is in single thread performance. Overclocking may help a little, but I wouldn't expect miracles.
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