Question What gaming related stuff do you do when not playing games?

I read PC Gamer (of course). I will also hop in on IGN from time to time just see some non-PC gaming news and reviews.

I watch a few YouTube channels regularly, namely Outside XBOX and Outside XTRA (I mostly like their silly lists), Viva La Dirt League, and Gamesprout (watching those game fails is incredibly entertaining). I loved Clueless Gamer from Conan O'Brien but I don't think he does them anymore. I'll pop in and check on Honest Game Trailers now and then to catch up. Miracle of Sound has a lot of video game (among other things like Game of Thrones) inspired original music. As you can tell I prefer mostly fun, silly humor relating to games.

I dink around with the Unreal engine a little bit. Never came up with anything serious though. Same for some other game engines out of curiosity sake, most recently Godot. I have a few other game making frameworks like Visual Novel Maker, RPG Maker MV, Smile Game Builder. Maybe I'll be motivated and/or inspired enough to actually make something playable.

Though directly related to playing games I'll just peruse mod sites like Nexus and MOD DB just to see what's out there and what's new. NEVER know when a particular mod might make you buy a game you normally would have skipped.

Not often, but I'll check out some gaming related art on places like DeviantArt or ArtStation to see what people with much more talent than me are up to. One cosplayer named Lyumos (featured on PCG a while back, is a favorite of mine for NSFW reasons, but there's plenty of great video game and video game-like stuff to look at.

What about you?
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Obviously read PcGamer and check these forums, I watch Previously Recorded (a channel with some one the RLM crew but for gaming) and GVMERS, browse GoG, Steam and other gaming stores, check out new mods and currently deciding when to play FTL.
I was thinking about trying out the RPG maker after seeing a post on reddit regarding it yesterday, I also saw you owned it when i checked on the price on steam.
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Youtube/Twitch - too many channels to name, but mostly game analytics and few let's players (Gopher is the man). Stream-wise, 99% of stuff I watch are SC2 pro players/casters.
I read few gaming sites, mostly check out news and some interesting stories.
Typical, right?

I also run my own passion project related to all things-nerdy and I still learn Unity Engine - I mean, I could probably make a simple game on my own, but I still have so many sources to learn from that I don't feel quite ready yet.

And obviously I tend to think about games as well, analyzing them or thinking about my last ladder session. Or imagining how cool it would be to create Majesty 3. Or coming up with different ideas for games or just mechanics for existing ones.

Ok ok I think about games a lot.
Love Clint from LGR long time subscriber, although hes got more serious as time has progressed. I also have a soft spot for Videogamedunkey, not many other Youtubers make me really lol, although he's got quite low effort recently he also has made some genuinely good vidoes. I really liked his difficulty in video games ones.

Played a lot of FromSoft games last year and got into watching Dark Souls speed runs a bit before sleeping. The HappyHob often makes me smile. He completed all of the DS games consecutively without being hit once at SL 1. He also did a Sekiro no hit run.

Other then watching Youtube and some Twitch I also love my PC hardware, so I'll spend quite a lot of time reading reviews and articles about products, most of which I wont ever buy.
@Frindis His voice and the music creates a very calm atmosphere, It's nice having a channel that never feels tense to watch.
I agree with your loud youtubers comment, maybe 10 years ago I'd be able to watch them but now it's nice watching people who actually act like people.

@Kaamos_Llama "I also love my PC hardware, so I'll spend quite a lot of time reading reviews and articles about products, most of which I wont ever buy."
Thats overly relatable haha
Depends on the game tbh. Recently path of exile has got me researching for my next build for the next league. i don't know the meta well enough to come in with an all powerful fool proof build so i just look for others and make minor adjustments to taste.

on youtube, i watching gaming videos to keep an eye on events in the gaming world and generally games in general. So longplay of games i was interested in but never got or are entertaining. Atm, i'm watching yongyea, jim sterling, Civie11 and keepetclassy.

And of course, posting on PCGF and PCG in general.
Mar 3, 2020
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Depends on the game, but I find it to be a better experience to immerse myself in the community for that game. Such as watching youtubers for that game and their guides/tips/rankings and twitch streams. As well as interacting with the communities with things like discord. There are games where I don't bother at all though. League of legends being one example.

I also like to play with people around my age, since I'm getting older and It's just difficult for me to play with younger people now.


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