What game would you like to play but cant ... and why not.

I would love to play Elder Scrolls Online but my internet download is only 17 mb/per sec , i have seen the size of the program quoted anything between 125 to 170 gb and a download calculator estimated between 17 to 23 hours but those figures dont seem to add up because after about 8 hours i had only got 4%.

The game is free on epic but i dont really want to leave my pc on all that length of time , my local exchange is only a mile away but really old.

I can have 3 pc , a tablet and 2 smart phones on all feeding of the hub without a problem , i can do online gaming whilst my wife is watching catch up tv on another pc without a problem but downloading is a nightmare.

If the internet hiccups for a few seconds and it does !!! i would loose the big download and have to start again.
i would love to play more fighting games like mortal kombat 11, SF4-6, injustice et al, but sadly because i'm cack at fighting games and can't pull off the moves in a reliable way, its not possible. the move lists etc just makes it feel like education/studying and that thought depresses me. its not so simple pick up and play that i would like.

MMORPGs - Nice ideas and lots of players but they're so bloody boring. Tried guild wars 2 recently and it bored me so much that i just stopped playing. the environments are basic, the enemy completely brain dead, repetitive gameplay didn't help.

destiny 2 - i got the base game free and thought about commiting to try it but at 100+gb? That made me pause and nope out of it. The same with vermintide 2 the amount of space i need on my HD for one game is a tall order. when i already have one game timesink (path of exile) i think i'll give that one a miss.

edit: honorable mention to Alan wake 2. Those specs are just... shocking. a 4070 for recommended? already? my 1070 has lasted me nearly 10 years (i think i got my new pc around 2014). Thank god for indie games.
In the past i have done all dragon age , mass effect , plus a lot of indie games but now due to locking finger syndrome i tend to go for modern point and click such as wolf within , batman and black sad , i am a sucker for puzzle games. For the last 2 years i have been hammering satisfactory and do a few other things when i run out of ideas of what to build next.
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If the internet hiccups for a few seconds and it does !!! i would loose the big download and have to start again

GOG Galaxy might be the answer. It'll resume download even days later—provided there hasn't been a game update in the meantime. Thread.

TPP games don't work for me. I've tried Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider games, and Control, but just couldn't stick with them. Whatever it is, I can't work the TPP without getting frustrated.
I wish I only got 17mb/s (I get 12 on a good day). I used to have internet so slow a 16gb file took 3 days to download... so its all relative. Shame games are getting so big and they no longer come on a physical installer. I wonder how many Blue rays some of these games would be.

I want to try Starfield... but I don't have enough free space on an c Drive that I would be happy to put the game on my pc. I have 2tb of hdd space but only 360gb left free on nvme, and I don't want to fill my nvme up... and game really isn't suited to hdd.

I do plan on resolving that in the next few months by buying a 4tb ssd. I just have to convince self to do it. It will be the last planned change to this PC. All my games will live on it from then on.

I could delete other games to make space but that seems a waste of time (that I have to spend getting them again).
Jun 22, 2021
I'd like to play Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, but don't have a PS5....but the good news is the complete edition should be coming out for PC next year, I think/hope?!

For me it's not necessarily Horizon Zero, but I'd like to play more titles from other systems on a pc. The amount of ports slowly coming out shows promise, but man I'd love to see Bloodborne, Shadow of the Colossus and the coop version of Ico on pc. Heck even the Mario games ported to pc would be amazing or Zelda.


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Final Fantasy 7 completed remake, Control 2, Shadowhearts Covenant remake, Last Remnant 2: First Remnant, Dragon's Dogma 2: Dragon's Apologetics, Sacrifice 2, City of Heroes 2, XCOM 3, Valkyria Chronicles 5, Sword of the Stars 3, Divinity 3 (not-sins), and the Harebrained Studios version of Star Fleet Battles are all suffering from existential issues. DD2 should at least appear sometime soon, even if the title they picked isn't as good.

Oh, and how could I forget Half Life 2 episode 3? I've been doing the patient gamer thing, waiting for all the episodes to show up before buying the full set, but even my patience is running a bit thin on this one.
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Turn based games. I always give them a go and Baldurs Gate 3 looks amazing and has a great story but i just cant get through a battle of turn based moves. Ive tried several times, i was able to get through dragon age back in the day but just 1 playthrough. But Divinity, BG3 etc. i just couldnt, its just so boring to me.
Is there confusion between Bits and Bytes here?
i hope not. getting 17 MBit per second would be insanely slow

8 bits in a byte
So 17 Mbit = 2 MB per second
Or 17 MB = 136Mbit per second.

Judging by the size of the file and estimated time
i have seen the size of the program quoted anything between 125 to 170 gb and a download calculator estimated between 17 to 23 hours
I think its 17 Megabytes, not 17 Megabits

Downloading 170gb at 2 Megabytes per second would be futile. That is still faster than what I used to have

I weakened last night and ordered the 4tb ssd. Should get it some time this week.
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Oct 20, 2023
No matter how strange it may sound - Badland, I really like it as a toy for relaxation, I used to play it on my phone, now it has appeared on Steam, but.. there are such difficult sections that I stop playing it for a month, because in general I can't get through them no matter how hard I try
There's a ton of games I'd love to play but I have very little disposable income at the moment and my available game time is limited and highly irregular. There's a bunch of games on my wishlist, like No Man's Sky or Starfield, that I cannot justify spending money on. In the case of Starfield, I'd probably also need to upgrade my system.

I'd also love to play Stellaris some time, but besides the price of all the DLC, I know from experience that if I don't play it at least once every two days, I'll forget too much of what I was doing and it gets too hard to get back into the game when I continue playing. I have the same problem with Civilization and Dwarf Fortress.
Brian asked if their was any confusion between bits and bytes so heres a shot of my speed test

i hope not. getting 17 MBit per second would be insanely slow
16.81 Mbps = still only 2 Megabytes per second.

ouch... is that adsl or something?


mine is better than it was. 112.36 Megabits per second = 14 Megabytes.
Its nothing compared to people I know that get 900+ both ways.

And we won't look at worlds fastest...

realistically its almost faster to get someone else to download it for you and put on a USB. I would but I suspect distance is a problem. You would also need to trust them enough to share your password so they can download it on your account. Then its fairly easy to copy game folder onto USB and move onto your PC. Steam are good like that... Epic is a pain.

The Elder Scrolls Online client requires at least 95GB on the computer's hard drive. At least 125GB on PC and 135GB on Mac are needed to perform the download and installation operations, and the computer needs about 15% of its hard drive space to be empty to run properly.
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I wish I could play grand strategy games, 4X games, and RTS games, but my smooth brain does not let me fully connect to these kinds of games to find them very engaging and fun to play. The most I can do is relatively simple RTS games like Age of Empires or Warcraft III, on the surface these games are pretty simple to learn and have easy to understand UI. I spent $50 on Mount and Blade II but I can’t for the life of me understand how to have fun. I watch so many videos of people roleplaying amazing characters and leading huge armies into battle and it all looks so cool but I can never find the motivation to do it myself. My brain is set to only liking first person perspective games with minimal features that take you out of that perspective.
There are loads of games I just can't get into as well. I think everyone is like that though. I can't get into games that are story driven or which require you to talk to characters endlessly before you allowed to go do anything fun... they not for me. Why I never got into The Witcher games or Cyberpunk or many of the big games.

Everyone is different, and its just as well there are plenty of games for us.

I sit here all day with a PC that can run any game but I don't know what to play. Game Pass feels like having a huge record collection but being spoiled by choice as you don't know which to play. Sometimes lack of choice is better. Freedom from choice is what you want (thanks Devo).


Jan 17, 2020
I am the same too, Neogunhero. I find the depth of games like Civ 6 confusing and frustrating. At least when it comes to managing population happiness and building wonders etc.

Though I used to be pretty uncoordinated in FPS, I'd play constantly on CS for years and now I'm OK at those. I think the only reason I still play Hearthstone is that I got in early when it was simpler. If I picked it up now I'd probably bounce off it.
I sit here all day with a PC that can run any game but I don't know what to play. Game Pass feels like having a huge record collection but being spoiled by choice as you don't know which to play. Sometimes lack of choice is better. Freedom from choice is what you want (thanks Devo).
I have over 1100 games on Steam, have Game Pass, occasionally get other subscriptions like EA Play or Ubisoft+, and I still struggle with finding a game to play and stick with. I miss the days where your entire game collection sat on your desk. Game sales and bundles are the reason for my huge Steam library, but I haven’t and most likely will never touch at least 80% of it. I had to stop buying Humble Bundle each month because of this problem. Now I’m at a point where mostly only brand new games/new releases interest me. Maybe I should quit games for a year, how interesting would that be…
I only have 9 games from Game Pass so far. I have only loaded two of them though. I ran Forza Motorsport long enough to show it works, and I loaded Flight Sim as the download file I got seemed too small to be actual game, and I was right... it was just a launcher and rest of game wanted to download while I played. I didn't want to play though. I haven't played any of them yet... maybe tomorrow I load Cities Skylines 2 and see how much of a train wreck it is on my PC.

I don't have tons of games on Steam either. I never took any notice of the sales. I don't take any noticed of advertising in general so there is that. Hype for a game acts as a repulsion.

Having all the games reminds me of those consoles that have 100 000 games on them. You can't tell me there are 100k good games, so I just see a collection of crap or multiple games that are the same.

I learned the too much choice thing from music. Have lots, can't decide which to hear. So I restrict myself to only so many albums on my phone and it makes it easier. My PC is another story.