Question What are your PC 'bad habits' that you just can't kick?

I know some people will probably be torn on this, but it seems that the wider community doesn't recommend updating drivers and sometimes even Windows when it first comes out, unless you're experiencing a specific problem it's targeting. But it drives me bonkers not to be up-to-date on the latest drivers and updates. I also never lock my computer or turn it off (unless an update requires a restart) and I typically clean my PC with an air compressor (albeit turned way down).

What about you? What bad habits do you have that maybe I can pick up on?
Wow. I keep my version of Windows 10 up to date though I have not "upgraded" to Windows 11 and will not do so until it has features that are relevant to me or Microsoft stops the support for Windows 10. OS security is important. My Internet Security software is auto updated.

On drivers I update on an irregular basis but that's not as important as the OS.
I do switch the PC off or put it into Sleep Mode - I know the saving in electricity is small but given today's prices every bit helps.
I should clean my PC regularly but I don't - that's probably my bad habit.
The same as some of you. I never turn any of my computers off. If the power goes out, I'm annoyed that I have to turn them back on and wait for them to reboot.

I never clean the dust out of my computers, but when I do, I use a vacuum cleaner.

I don't have side windows on any of my PCs, so when I build a PC, I don't give a rat's backside about cable management. If it works, it works.

Plus, I use a controller to play all my games.
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All my pc have had features I never used. Ability to overclock where I never do... so i might spend more than I need to on motherboards.
I like ATX cases, I don't like the chances of keeping a PC cool in a shoebox sized case.

I fix BSOD posts on Tom's. So my opinion on drivers is... only update if you having problems as new drivers can cause problems you didn't have before. But at same time, old drivers are often cause of errors... don't need to be up to date but being 5 years out of date doesn't help either. Can depend which version of windows you are on.

well, I was on 11 before it was released... its just 10 with a different UI, I don't see reason not to use it.
10 I am on 22H2 (on my win 10 VM) already but its the least exciting version update ever released so you not missing anything

Probably due to clean top of PC but thats a constant thing.

PC uses Hibernate unless there is a chance of storms, then its off and unplugged.
PC has its own pedestal to avoid dust and allow it to get fresh air as room is rather cluttered.
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So many people never turn their machines off, is 10 seconds too long to wait for it to boot, or do you all have Windows installed on old hard drives? :unsure:

My desk is always a mess, I tend to leave bills and docs I need to deal with on there so I dont forget to do them, and theres always some build up. Inside the machine is always clean and the cables are managed pretty well so everything gets decent airflow, but all the external cables from USBs and speakers are just shoved down the back of the desk out of sight, so that probably the worst thing I do. Thats partly because I have to take them all out to open up and clean though,

I should also back up my photos more, currently only have 2 copies of older stuff, one external. In the last 5 years everything also goes to Google Drive, so I've got a bit lazy with that. Other than pics theres not much on my machine that would matter anyway, its all in the cloud now.
My shutdown speed seems faster in hibernate than if I turn PC off. So there is that. Start up is a little faster too but its hard to tell on an nvme.

For some, yes, 10 seconds is too long... and for others... turn pc on and make breakfast while it boots... thats my mums PC anyway. Meanwhile my pc is impatient. If I turn it on and walk away, the screen turns off again.
I wonder if pcie 4 nvme boot windows any faster. I can bet you wouldn't even notice

My bios takes 17 seconds to hand control to windows and then it shows lock screen. People ask about win 11 load screens... I never see them.

I don't classify my desk as part of my PC. Its just part of the room.
All my cables hide behind the box my PC sits on. Out of sight... out of mind.
@Colif straight to the DOS prompt or was this some Amstrad word processor type thing ?

I actually use Remote Desktop a lot for some of my various computers. So I need to have them on for that. But yeah, 10 seconds is too long. :LOL:

This machine is purely for leisure so I usually flick it on as soon as I get up and by the time I fill the kettle its at the lock screen. Same when I come in after work. At weekends its on all day if I'm home. An old machine I had used to crash on wake up from hibernate, was unstable at the deep low power state for some reason, guess I just got used to shutting it down fully.
it was a Tandy color, I have mentioned it in other threads so i won't say more.

I was same, i used to shutdown all time because of old drivers, and never bothered to do it on this PC until it was mentioned in a conversation. I don't use sleep as PC is either on or hibernating. Drivers can still mess with it, I had rgb software that was causing rgb on mb to not turn off when hibernated, which stopped PC starting a few times. That seems to be fixed now.
Summer and storms are the main reason I use shutdown now. 6 months of the year its fine though.
I keep my version of Windows 10 up to date though I have not "upgraded" to Windows 11 and will not do so until it has features that are relevant to me or Microsoft stops the support for Windows 10. OS security is important. My Internet Security software is auto updated.
Same here. I'm sticking with Win10 until I see a viable, beneficial reason to move to Win11 (like no support for Win10). Both my OS & AV programs auto-download updates and I can then install when I choose, so I remain up to date on protection. I don't consider this a "bad" habit, just my personal preference.

As far as leaving my PC on 24/7, never, ever. Even though my PC is connected to a healthy UPS, I turn the PC off at night, or if away for any length of time. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is great when you're around, but if you're sleeping or somewhere else, it doesn't do any good. We get enough power outages up where I live for it to be a concern. Booting up doesn't take that long, so I turn my PC on in the morning, and turn it off at night (or away). Not a bad habit, in my opinion, just another personal preference.

Updating drivers is a mixed bag for me. Nvidia drivers, as I mentioned in another post, I'm usually 1 or 2 builds behind, but that's by choice, as I've seen a few releases that had bugs/issues, and I tend to be overly cautious before I update. Other drivers, I'm admittedly lax about updating, unless I run into an issue, so kind of a mixed bag there as far as preference vs bad habit.

I do almost everything with my PC now, from games to movies to paying bills to communication to news, so my desk becomes a bit cluttered. But it's more "organized clutter" to me as I know where everything is. Bad habit to some maybe, but it feels like home to me.

I'm fairly fastidious about keeping my PC clean. It's got a glass panel on the right side (facing me) that swings open like a door, so it's easy to monitor and check for dust buildup, which I clean with compressed air.

Being single, I eat a lot of my meals in front of my PC, and one bad habit I've cured myself of is not to chew or spit crumbs into my keyboard. Cleaning keyboards is a real pain.
Being single, I eat a lot of my meals in front of my PC, and one bad habit I've cured myself of is not to chew or spit crumbs into my keyboard. Cleaning keyboards is a real pain.
i don't know what you mean, I didn't have to replace keycaps on my keyboard because my E key would not work every time I hit it

It took a while to adjust to the different key caps but I am used to it now.
Getting hair, dust, all sorts of things under keycaps is a constant battle.
I put myself on the OCD cleaning of electronics spectrum.

I hoover and compressor blast; circuits, radiators, fan blades, and clean internal surfaces every six months. I also damp wipe down and hoover externals; keyboards, air intakes, screen, under PC, etc, every few days.

But it's internally I am lazy; too many emails(I do purge but it's a pain), also so many files and stuff just clogging up my drives.

I did remove a few games recently and some backups, but it's only because 2TB drive> no room for new games.
I don't give a rat's backside about cable management
No need to be super picky about it, but cables affect airflow, which affects component temperatures. Even tho everything works, higher temps will usually shorten lifespans.

drivers … only update if you having problems as new drivers can cause problems you didn't have before … 5 years out of date doesn't help either
Yes, exactly. I update once or twice a year, directly after my monthly system disk image and Windows update—so I can be back in biz in ~30 minutes if anything goes wrong.

In order of preference, get your drivers from:
  1. Chip maker—eg AMD, Nvidia
  2. Card maker—eg MSI, Gigabyte
  3. Windows Update.
Nothing wrong with 2 & 3, only that their versions may be a bit behind—you may as well get the latest.

So many people never turn their machines off
I used to never turn off—apart from when system needed to—for ~first 20 years I had a PC, due to the lifespan wear on parts caused by the shock of electricity suddenly coursing into them. For ~last decade I turn off every night, since components are much more robust these days than in the GODs.

As @mainer says, an UPS is no good if you're not around to deal with it. I'm currently without one since last one failed, new one is expensive, and we have brilliant electricity here—hugely reliable. But I keep my external backup unplugged all the time apart from monthly backup, so it won't get fried if there's a power surge or cut.

My bios takes 17 seconds to hand control to windows and then it shows lock screen
What's a lock screen again?
I boot up when I get up, en route to kitchen. When I get to desk, all is waiting, incl the various apps I want to start with boot.

I'm sticking with Win10
Same here. Even tho I could force it, I don't want to since my PC doesn't meet the ideal specs. Win11's advantage is the same as Win8's—better security—and I skipped 8 completely since I'm careful with security, and want to avoid leaving an OS which works very well for me, like Win7 did back then.

keeping my PC clean
I don't do any manual cleaning, since it doesn't get dirty—I built my desk wide enough for PC to sit at side of my 2 large TVs-as-monitors, far away from any floor dust… and we don't have hair-shedding pets or other air-polluting organisms. Whenever I need to change a part I take a peek and do a little clean, just cos :D

Cleaning keyboards is a real pain
Oh poppycock and pifflesticks—get slimy or stick it in the dishwasher! :D

i know about Auto logon.
I also know User profiles aren't rock solid and have had my user corrupt itself.
Combining a corrupt user and auto logon can lead to you being logged on as a Guest account and not having access to all your files.
I have had that happen before so I just take the extra time to enter a PIN to make sure I may have a way in if it happens again.,
proper cleaning of the pc and maintenance. Does thermal pasting your CPU every year a thing? I generally use Artic Silver and unless i see slow downs/ crashing because of heat i generally leave it alone. That said, i was kinda scared to do it at the time and i was kept in a loop about what constitued as a pea size blob. Do you mean marrow? pettit pois? garden? What size damn it! Then there was the technic line, blob, x etc. Luckily the documentation provided the recommendation and i was more calm.

Still don't rethermal paste the cpu if i can help it. i believe Artic silver lasts practically forever compared to other compounds?

Like everyone else, i don't clean my pc often. Maybe once or twice a year. The thing is that when i look in through the window, there's no build up of dust. Those Filters in the case do a wonderful job. i simply pull those out and clean them with my compucleaner. I clean my keyboard more often then my pc these days.
I hadn't worked out how easy it was to take the front of my case off until a few weeks ago, but the dust build up really wasn't that bad. I have more exhausts than intakes so most of the dust builds up on the exit points of PC.

I haven't changed Thermal paste since i put PC together, but CPU temps have been mostly the same the entire time. Average of about 40C for the last 2 years. Lowest of 32c, highest of 71c, normal range for a 3600xt. One day we might get a normal summer, we haven't had one of those since I built PC. 3 wet summers isn't normal. By time I get a normal summer I might have changed my CPU anyway.
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what constitued as a pea size blob. Do you mean marrow? pettit pois? garden? What size damn it!

This is hilarious but also a valid point!

Plenty of testing that shows the difference between different methods isnt that important as long as you have enough. Theres a couple degrees difference but nothing that matters to a normal user. A bit like the difference between the best thermal paste brands.

Our testing agrees with what many other tests have shown over the years, including our own, and even Luke’s from ages past: as long as there’s enough paste to cover the IHS, or at least the part directly over the dies, there’s a negligible difference between application methods. We put a moderately sized blob in the middle of the IHS for almost every non-thermally-sensitive test we do because it’s fast, it works as well as any other method, and it’s easy to replicate. We manually spread for easy replication between multiple staff working on the same test, but only when doing thermal benchmarks. Even though the “pea size” test was the only one that left a spot uncovered on the IHS, the average dT was still less than a degree different from the other tests. In fact, the full range of results from best to worst was less than one degree.

So I'd go with a decent chickpea, maybe.

Anyway as Colif said, no need to change paste unless its overheating.


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I think lock screens still have a point, even if everyone in the house knows the password. Guests do come over from time to time, after all. If a prowler breaks in while you're away, at least they will just steal your stuff instead of popping into your PC and maybe emailing your latest tax form to a temporary email address. (Though, if they take the whole computer, it's not going to help unless you've encrypted your drive.)

Best of all, it's a second wallpaper. Yet another screenshot you can see every day! ;)