What are safe temperatures for a 5950X?

Jun 12, 2021
At idol my CPU is around 39°C And under load it is around 69°C but sometimes spikes to 74°C. I have a 240 mm Asetek AIO. I didn't know my case would support a 360 mm radiator. If I had known that I would have done that. My question is should I get a bigger radiator or is my current AIO doing just fine?
Temps sound fine to me, very good even. Article here says AMD recommends 90C or under. Have you checked your boost clocks in game? Just to make sure its not throttling with temps that low, you could adjust the fan curve if it is, or remount if that doesnt help.

A 240mm AIO should be just fine on your chip.
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AMD are fine with any temp below 90C but then they don't have to be in the room with it :)

39c is about what I get at idle, with a 240mm AIO.
if you ignore fact Ryzen CPU are always waking a core up, boosting to do a process and then rushing to idle. The package temp is always moving between 50 and 40 c all day at idle.

those temps are fine. Nothing to worry about :)

Admittedly I only have a 3600xt but in the last 2 years, idle temps have only changed by about 8c depending if its summer or winter. Summer I see 44c, winter its around 36C.
Right now its Autumn so I am getting about 38C at idle. No idea at load as PC doesn't really do a lot. I mean, core effective clock right now is 244mhz, super fast.