What are safe temperatures for a 5950X?

Jun 12, 2021
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At idol my CPU is around 39°C And under load it is around 69°C but sometimes spikes to 74°C. I have a 240 mm Asetek AIO. I didn't know my case would support a 360 mm radiator. If I had known that I would have done that. My question is should I get a bigger radiator or is my current AIO doing just fine?
AMD are fine with any temp below 90C but then they don't have to be in the room with it :)

39c is about what I get at idle, with a 240mm AIO.
if you ignore fact Ryzen CPU are always waking a core up, boosting to do a process and then rushing to idle. The package temp is always moving between 50 and 40 c all day at idle.

those temps are fine. Nothing to worry about :)

Admittedly I only have a 3600xt but in the last 2 years, idle temps have only changed by about 8c depending if its summer or winter. Summer I see 44c, winter its around 36C.
Right now its Autumn so I am getting about 38C at idle. No idea at load as PC doesn't really do a lot. I mean, core effective clock right now is 244mhz, super fast.


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