Question Weird problem with my minitor

Jan 17, 2023
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Hello guys,I recently got a new pc rtx 3060,ryzen 5 5500 24 gb ram.

But my monitor has a weird problem with the light.A couple times per day,the 2/3 of the monitor loses some light while using it and to solve it I have to turn the monitor off and back on.Any suggestions for how to solve this annoying problem? Thanks

What the problem looks like:

After I turn off and on the monitor:

Monitor name: HP 27f

I need to add that the power adaptor is not the original coz I lost it,so I used a different one I dont know if that's the problem.
Apr 26, 2021
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That looks like the LED backlight is starting to fail. It can happen with monitors both new and old.
There is unfortunatly not much that can be done about it as the issue often lies within the internal hardware.

It could be a Brick not providing enough power, but you would need to give some more info about it.
Also i notice you are running the monitor "Overclocked". The monitor's spec-sheets say 60Hz as the optimal refresh. I would suggest to try and sticking to that as-well. Overclocking generally doesn't help in regards of monitor lifespan.

@Brian Boru
Pretty sure those yellow lines are just an artifact of a camera taking a picture of an IPS monitor at an angle.