Weekend Question: When's the last time you looked up a walkthrough?

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Mar 28, 2021
I guess whenever I'm stuck in something, or I missed the explanation for some game feature or other.

Most recently would be when I got stuck in Great Ace Attorney Adventures. I was trying to present a piece of evidence too early, because to me it was obviously proof, but to the game I had to show something else first.

Before that it was how to ascend a die in Dice Legacy, because when I finished my game I only had 1 instead of 3. Turns out you need an obelisk per die, which I didn't realise (I had just a single obelisk).

I suppose my most controversial use would be some of the later puzzles from The Witness. I'm sure puzzle purists would want to work out the answers for themselves, but for me it turned what was a frustrating experience into a joyful exploration of the last parts of the game.