Weekend Question: What game are you glad you waited to play?

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@Zimbaly Its so good once it clicks!

A friend told me straight swords were by far the best best so I tried the Longsword. Really struggled but made it to Ornstein and Smough, then I Lightning infused the sword just before that. Read in the wiki after several attempts that O and S are resistant to lightning. I'd also upgraded my armor a few levels and made some weird level choices on the way, so I started again from the beginning, not wasting level ups and Titanite.

2nd time through I decided to practice parrying and dodging on the Black Knight in Undead Burgh on the way to Taurus Demon. Eventually killed him and he dropped the Black Knight Sword. It changed my game completely and everything started to click after that. I've played all the Souls games using Great Swords and parrying shields now, all the other weapons just dont feel right. Still not much good at parrying after 4 games but I keep trying because its so satisfying to pull off.


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And oh holy moses @Zloth I've yet to still really play Just Cause 3. Might have to install it. When I got it my kid instantly jumped on and hogged my pc every waking moment to beat it. So I just let him play it and when I finally got my pc back I just played l4d2 20 vs 10. :tonguewink:
A pity he isn't on a different account. You could find various records he made and beat them! Perhaps you could just beat some of his friends' records instead... ;) Or maybe it does let you go against your past records?

P.S. I wonder how long they keep those records on their servers?
Jul 24, 2022
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I waited until the remaster of Nier Replicant to finally play it. I wasn't as hot on Nier Automata as a lot of other people, but liked a lot of small things about it. Although it's deeply interested in the same things as Automata, Replicant is a much more honest game. I don't think I would have appreciated it as much without having played Automata first, though. It's a messy, dour game that has the bouts of absurdity that you'd expect from a Yoko Taro-led story.
Before playing Replicant, Nier fans were alien to me and, frankly, kind of annoying about the series. It put me off because nobody could ever actually sell me on what made them so unique. I'm glad I was able to play Replicant on my own terms and with some distance away from all of the praise and people spouting "I told you so" when Automata came out. It's a wonderful game, and definitely enhanced by not having to expect it to be transcendent.
I read a reddit thread the other day of a dude that waited to play Cyberpunk 2077
and the dude said it was worth it, because he didn't get to experience all(most) of the immersion breaking bugs that would spoil most of your fun and have you posting all over social media about how bad it is. 🤣
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I've still got Cyberpunk on my wish list. Gotta wait for all the DLC!
Me too :)
PCG now stands for Patient Cultured Gamers!

Quick glance at ones I will almost definitely buy from my Wishlist—I will in the future also be glad I waited for:
Far Cry 6 and all its add-ons
Same with Age of Empires IV
Heaven's Vault
Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition
Old World
Outer Wilds
Red Dead Redemption 2
Return of the Obra Dinn
Sniper Elite 5
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2
Syberia: The World Before
The Forgotten City
West of Loathing
What Remains of Edith Finch
I wait to play most games and have almost never been a day-one (or week-one) player. I usually wait for reviews, because it seems whenever I don't, I end up regretting it, or wishing I'd waited for a patch. My waits range anywhere from a few weeks to, in the case of some games I gave a chance through GoG, twenty years.

But I think the clearest example I can think of where I was glad I waited was Fallout New Vegas. IIRC, it was rather broken on its debut, but by the time I finally bought it, fairly dirt-cheap with all of its DLC and mods galore, it was a fun, decent-looking game that I like a bit more than Fallout 3 and 4. (Though 1 and 2 will always have a special spot in my ancient crumbling heart.)
I do have a reverse answer to the question which I thought of after seeing @Krud above, and that was Fallout 3. I waited so long to play it that it took me a long time to just get the game running at all.

Yeah, it's weird, Fallout 3 came out not long before Windows 7, but then didn't work right on 7 as I recall. Or was it 8 that broke it? I can't remember now.

That was one I actually bought almost immediately, because I'd been waiting a decade for a sequel, back before that was the new normal [gives Bethesda the side-eye.]
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didn't work right on 7 as I recall. Or was it 8 that broke it?
Probably 7, for all its wonderfulness it broke both a game and especially an app which were important to me. I was very glad when Windows 10 fixed both of 'em.

I waited so long to play it that it took me a long time to just get the game running
Joel Lee of MUO issued a challenge one time on WhatNerd re getting Command and Conquer running on Win10. Was simple enough, standard stuff you try—took me about 45 minutes, incl completing the first GDI mission! :)
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Jul 29, 2022
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I am very glad that I had a chance to play Skyrim, because the game is beautiful in every sense.
A huge world that can be explored endlessly, a lot of interesting tasks and weapons for your character.
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