Weekend Question: Do you have a favorite version of Windows?

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Sep 16, 2023
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XP - my best memory, fewest reinstalls (total opposite of W98 in this case, so much so that I remember the serial number. It was on my hardware for the longest time (more than 10 years in total) and I have a great deal of fondness for it, in fact I still use it on one piece of hardware to this day.
Yes, it seems like XP was without updates for the longest time then, in the sense that the new release came out after a long time. Well, by the way, 7 was also quite good, I remember how everyone didn’t want to switch to 10 later, because it updated itself. There was always a fear that the update would only make things worse. Even I felt like an old man because I could dig up such old operating systems with my own eyes. I wonder if there is anyone else who remembers what happened before 98?
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Oct 20, 2023
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For me, Windows 11 is best, fast, convenient, there is an alternative search, new functions. Another thing I love about it is the regular updates that keep it trending.
It's really interesting to know what Windows 12 will be like.
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