Question Valorant ping issue

Nov 10, 2023
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hi guys!
im living in La, Us and i usually play valorant with friends in Vietnam. The server we chose is Japan which due to the least ping, however, the ping is still stable somwhere 115. It’s very annoyed for fps game like Valorant. Can anyone help any tips or any app that i should purchase to fix this issue ? I tried the Nord VPN be4 but it just even worse. Please help:((
Welcome to the forum :)

My guess is 115 is very good for LA to Japan. You're hitting the limits of the internet there, not much you can do as far as I know. Your signal is going to be bouncing off typically 10-20 intermediate servers on its way to and from Japan, which takes time.

But I'm not a hardware or network guy, someone more knowledgeable should be along soon.