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  1. On top line of post you will see 3 buttons, 1st is share, 2nd is Bookmark and 3rd is the post number
  2. Clicking it sets the bookmark, but you can also add extra info if you like
  3. They are all stored in Your account > Bookmarks in the left navigation panel on the forums
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what is a cover?

If you hover mouse over my avatar, the background image is a cover. It also shows if you go to my Profile page

Now to set a Cover, go to your Profile page
Click edit profile banner

from here you can pick an image to use from your PC. It doesn't let you use a web link but it allows an upload.

It is much simpler than the previous method.

It lets you make your profile feel more at home and spices up your avatar in posts.

This is a repost as the update of the forum software meant we got a new bit of software that controls covers and everyone who had one before, no longer does.
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Customize the Look of the PC Gamer Forums
  1. Login to the forums and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  2. In the lower-right corner of the forums you'll see a box with the forum name in it: PC Gamer
  3. Click the forum name to open the Style Chooser
  4. Pick the style you want to use
    1. PC Gamer - Dark is my personal favorite
    2. You can change this as often as you'd like
    3. Default style is best avoided. If you select it, scroll to the bottom of the forum and look for the link Default Style in the center of the page to get back to the Style Chooser.
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Toggle Width

If you run the forums in full screen, you may discover that the columns seem too thin and there is a lot of blank space on both sides of the screen


to fix this, scroll to bottom of the page and on the right, next to the theme changer, you will find the Toggle Width button

(stock photo used from elsewhere)

and after that the page will look like this

note: I am running dark reader on top of the dark theme, so your blacks may not be as black.


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Reporting a Post
If you see a post you believe violates our forum rules for any reason, please help the Moderators find them by using the Report option (available on every forum post).

  • When reading the forums, just click the little Report link at the bottom of any post.
  • Write up a quick sentence explaining why you're reporting the post (Spam posts can simply be labelled as Spam and we'll take care of the rest).​


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Adding Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication can help add an extra layer of security to your account.

Adding 2FA Via App
  1. Login to your forum account
  2. Click your account avatar at the top of the forums to open your available options
  3. Click the link “Password and security” in the Your Account drop-down
  4. Click the Change button next to “Two=step verification”
  5. Enter your password to confirm you want to add an extra security measure
  6. Click Enable next to “Verification code via app”
  7. Download your preferred authentication app, such as Authy or Google Authenticator, if you don’t already have one setup.
  8. In your authentication app, add a new login for the forums and scan your QR code to add the extra layer of security.
  9. Once linked, enter your verification code from the phone app into your account page to finalize the process.
  10. You can save the validation for 30 days (or until you clear the browser cache), if you so choose. For shared computers, it’s best to enter the validation code every attempt to sign in.

Adding 2FA Via Email Link
  1. Follow steps 1-5 above
  2. Click the Enable button next to “Email confirmation”
  3. Copy the code sent to your email address
  4. Paste the emailed code into the “Email confirmation code” box on the forums
  5. Click the Confirm button


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Embedding Images in a Post

  • Upload your image to a site for hosting, such as Imgur (any such site should work, but our guide will show the process using Imgur, specifically)
  • Once the image is uploaded to your hosting site, click the Options button (three dots in a line) and choose Get share links
  • Click the Copy Link button next to BBCode (Forums) section
  • Paste the BBCode where you want the image to appear in your text
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