Jul 1, 2020
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Nice to meet you. I'm from Argentina.
I'm actually thinking in upgrading my PC por playing some games, right now I'm playing Sekiro and The Witcher 3 with the lowest settings in 1080p.
What do I need to upgrade first?
Sorry for my rough english.

Mother: B85M-D3H.
RAM: 8 gb DDR3 HyperX + 4gb DDr3 Hyperx.
Micro: Intel I5-4440 3.10Ghz.
Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750Ti.
Hard disk: Caviar Blue(1tb) - SSD 240gb for OS.
Power supply: EVGA 600W 80 PLUS BRONCE.
Thank you!
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Honestly, and this is just my opinion, but I still you should look more at a newer low end build. I just built a AMD system for my son recently, it was around $500, not including OS and monitor. But to answer your question I would upgrade the CPU/motherboard first than video card.
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What are you trying to do exactly? If your looking to just get good FPS in 1080p, yea there are some good cheap AMD builds you can get thatll satisfy that part. If you are just looking to upgrade the same machine you are using, its up in the air for MOBO/RAM but id start with RAM first.

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I would advice starting with an upgrade of RAM, that would be a waste of money honestly. Since it's still DDR3 and all new(er) CPU's and Mobo's use DDR4, you'd be upgrading something that's only useful for a very limited time.

Issue with upgrading a CPU now will indeed be that you'll need a new CPU, motherboard and RAM. Depending on how old your PSU is you may want to upgrade that too.

What's your upgrade budget? That will help with advicing on what to do.


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