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Apr 7, 2021
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hello guys , like the title said , i dont know if i should swap the gpu only , do a SLI , or make a new rig?

My current rig :
MB: Asus V Formula LGA 1155
CPU : Intel i7 3770k (overclocked to 4.1ghz)
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master Seidon 120M & Corsair h100i rgb platinum
GPU : Asus strix gt970 4gb GDDR5
PSU : Rosewill 80+ bronze 1000watts
Storage : Samsung 250gb / kingston 1tb x2.
Case : thermaltake phanteks & Rosewill Riseglow (both compatible with e-atx).
Fans : alot.

before you ask , the corsair h100i was a gift for my bday and the riseglow from my wife.
why im asking in this topic , since i got those new items , and the riseglow support a vertical gpu (which is new for me and looks dope) , what you guys recommend me to do .
first option is buying a gtx 1080ti 11gb gddr5
second option just do a SLI, but is worth it?
the third option is giving this rig to my wife and buy a new rig.
the normal use i do to this rig is gaming mmorpg/games in high quality /graphic design , the only time i turn off the pc is when im out city more than 1 week or when i clean it every 4 or 5 months , the rest of the time is always on.

thanks alot for taking you time reading this ****. for help me out :)
and yes , the rig is kinda ooooooooold :)
have a nice day.
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Definitely dont SLI, it doesnt work in games anymore and the GTX970 does not have enough VRAM to make it work well anyway when it did.

I actually think you'd be surprised how decent a 3770K is for its age (there's plenty of Youtube comparisons to choose from). You would certainly see more benefit in most situations from replacing the graphics card with a 1080Ti then you would from keeping the GTX 970 and replacing the CPU and related components. You also didnt mention your RAM, running 16GB of 2133/2400 DDR3 on Ivy Bridge is possible and helps performance too.

The best option is obviously to build a whole new system, but how much do you want to spend, then ?
I had an I5 3570K until a few years ago and going to a 7700K made a difference in some games. If I'd have bought a 3770K back in 2012 I probably would have kept it much longer.

Buying a 1080Ti now, would be a very noticeable upgrade and it could easily be transfered to a new rig later on, is what I'm thinking.
Sure the 3770k will hold back a fast GPU in some situations, but that's why I said 'in most situations' it would be better to get a new GPU.

The 1080TI is over twice as fast as a GTX 970 in an ideal situation.


The 11 series is, In games its still behind Ryzen , and in some cases actually slower sometimes then the previous gen. PCG thought it mediocre and gave it 67%.

IPC (instructions per clock) is the amount of work done per clock(MHZ). It increases in theory every generation. However Intel only managed a small increase in IPC per gen from the 2000 series up until the 7000 series (skipping the 5000 series Broadwell which was kind of a half step with a much improved IGPU and a DRAM cache which did actually improve gaming performance a little)

The same basic Skylake cores on a 14nm production node in the 6000 series have been used in every series up to the 10th without much changing apart from tweaks, improving the IMC (Integrated memory controller) and increasing the clock speeds a little while adding more cores, this is why they run so hot and power hungry.

11th gen actually used a new architecture, so people were hopeful, unfortunately it hasn't really worked out any better for gaming. I believe some games have begun to use AVX instructions which are handled better by newer Core processors, but not many as of yet.

So, from the 2000 series up until the 7000 series an I3 had 2 cores and 4 threads and I5 had four cores and a mainstream I7 (non E series) had 4 cores and 8 threads.


I'm tired and this all from memory so sorry if I'm going on, but my point is that between a 3rd gen I7 and a 7th gen I7 there's not a huge difference for games, And I'd happily match a 1080Ti with a 7700K.
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