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Dec 9, 2019
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I'm partial to Fort Triumph (goofy fantasy comedy with physics), Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (cyborgs who don't use cover but instead rely on their own allies as screens), and of course XCOM 2. More recently there's Wildermyth, which has an interesting legacy mechanic that lets you bring back heroes from previous campaigns, and when I want something bite-sized there's Into the Breach.

I like Jagged Alliance too, keep meaning to go back and finish it some day.
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Tries to imagine non turn based chess... all out rush? PC would work but real life? And on PC, exactly how do you beat the Computer player? Faster your CPU the worse chance you have to win. play in VM and restrict it to 1 core still isn't enough

how many hands do you have?
Real time real life non turn based chess would still require a lot of skill to win at higher levels.
If both sides use similar tactics there would still have to be some strategy involved, no way to guess where every piece will be at any moment really besides the start. once the pawns have done their mad dash into trenches. knowing what gaps opposition leaves for their more powerful pieces would require observers? is it a team sport?

removing turns breaks some games. Monopoly would be mad dash around board and although luck plays into it, its how fast can you get ahead of everyone, not how lucky you are at rolls. Not for a while anyway.

How many fps are turn based? besides the top down xcom type ones?
Civ it would be be a bulldozer or get bulldozed, and at higher difficulty levels with AI starting at higher lvls than you, the videos of people actually beating the PC would be scrutinised for cheating as no one would believe itl
Civ it would be be a bulldozer or get bulldozed
Yes, it would be like RTS multiplayer where it often boils down to a 5-minute rush game.

How many fps are turn based?
None as far as I know. But that's the point—the CPU is constrained from instant producing and zooming across the map to bulldoze you. Real time chess would have to be the same, constraints on how often the CPU could move. Similar to speed chess between humans.
real time chess on PC would only be restrained by how fast the CPU/GPU can render the movements. Multi tasking much easier for a CPU than it is a human. real time with no turns, it can move everything it wants to almost right away.

Keeping score would be fun. I think the replays would take longer to be analysed than the games themselves ran.

Only if human players could use macros would you stand a chance against a pc


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XCom and XCom 2 are certainly up there. Mutant: Year Zero isn't - all that stealth just got too tedious for me.

BattleTech is way up there, too. I still need to play it with some of the hard core mods.

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children is an excellent one with hundreds of skills your characters can learn.

More on the 4X side...

Civilization games certainly are good. I'm partial to 4 and 5, personally. Endless Legends and Endless Space are also quite fun.

Sword of the Stars is another good, if really old one.


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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 without doubts. I don't know how much time I've spent playing this game, but I suspect it might be a thousand (?) or even more... The game is legendary. You're not a true gamer if you haven't tried this one. ;) There's also Hearthstone in which I poured at least a few hundreds of hours. It's maybe not a standard turn-based game, but the players act in turns, so I guess it counts. :) Oh, how could I forget! There are also of course the first two Fallout games and Jagged Alliance 2. They only have turn-based combat though.


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