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Oct 16, 2022
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hello Whilst I'm waiting for the diablo 4 release I'd like to find a game to play just until Friday for sf6 release which is when I can play it. so ideally I don't want a massive exploration filled open world RPG or anything like that. preferably not have any side quests, so that I can just focus on the story and complete it. If the game does have side quests but still linear that is fine. doesnt matter how many hours but maybe something pretty short.
i wont go into details what i have palyed cause i dont want to make this comment too long but i have palyed star trek resurgance and it fits the fill. Miasma chronicles is good and its pretty much light hearted story than mutant year eden zero and its from the same dev and its been a banger playing it even though little bit long cuase its turn based like xcom. Kara no shoujo is like preety much short version of phoneix wright but no court depepnds on the ending route you get. Pretty much aether gazer even thoughi ts a gacha game is like this for me too cause side content are just optional and the main story is just missions by missions same thing with punshing gray raven. Uma musume is good for this too its just like uhh football manager esque take on it but with like a anime horse girl and has a main story than football manager. so yeah anything good short linear singlpelayer games to tide me over?
Thank you very much
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