Thinking of upgrading my system(ps4)

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Jun 1, 2022
After seeing a video. I think i may upgrade. Is it worth it? Anyone has it yet? What is your feedback?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

The title of the site/forum should indicate what we specialize in. Are you asking for suggestions on upgrading your PS4 or you want to build a system as an upgrade away from the PS4?


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"Anyone has it yet?" would indicate to me that he's talking about the PS5.

We get commenters like this all the time. They must just follow a link from Google without realizing where they actually are going.


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They will never have...our FREEEEEEEEEEEEEDAAAAAHM! Wait that guy was Mel Gibson.
So you're saying Lkoger is Mel Gibson?

But they had to take the time to set up an account, navigate to the "PC Gaming Discussions" subforum, and start a thread... Lol
Mel, as I call him, would have his personal assistant set up the account and handle navigation.
Maybe he thought it was Political Correct gaming forum.

It would be political correct to include all gaming platforms /s

There is nothing politically correct about these forums with all the Viking bashing I get..

I'd bin the idea of a PS5, Sony just announced the Spider Man series are coming to PC. Less and less of a draw to console gaming I'd say. Buy the PS exclusives on STEAM and then subscribe to Microsoft Game Pass you've got best of both worlds and even then all the RPGs and RTS available..

Unfortunately... No @Brian Boru board game yet
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