The great GDC Predictions Thread


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Hi folks, as GDC draws near, game devs are sharpening their PR skills as new games are announced and released. I thought we could have a little fun and make some predictions in this thread. Then when the whole thing is done, we can check back and see how right we are at predicting the future!

To make it easy here's some categories to get you guessing:

New Game Announced:
New Hardware Announced:
New Trailer:


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Jan 17, 2020
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Introducing SKYRIM MOBILE (Do you people not have phones?!)
New Hardware: 20 new monitors featuring 360hrtz refresh rates, g-sync, and built in smart home hub.
Bluetooth integrated RGB for your gaming chair.
New trailers for every game getting more seasons than Guy Fieri at a cookout.

In all honesty I expect announcements for the next step in Borderlands 3, a new VR headset announcement, Probably google trying to go further in on their Stadia issue by releasing an actual console that can improve connection and do at least some local computing vs trying to stream every aspect.

Also, I would be surprised if the game devs of Pandemic and Plague Inc didn't take advantage of their new popularity to announce something.
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