The currently playing and random game thoughts thread (Dec 19 to Dec 25)

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The Spirit of Xmas Edition

As luck would have it, I'm now on vacation and really not in the mood to play anything. This happens sometimes when I finish a game I really, really like. I kind of bounce around for awhile until something clicks.

My Windows installation was getting wonky, so I formatted all my drives, even the ones I just keep my games on, and started fresh. Can't tell you how good it felt to have a perfectly clean system. Of course, I used a backup to put my personal files, saves and mods back where I want them, and now I've been wandering through my games downloading the ones I'm only most interested in.

Got a lot of housework and present wrapping today (after I drink a couple more cups of Peetes coffee), but after that I'm just going to try out some games on my backlog that I'm curious about.

Hope @Brian Boru picked up Remnant: From the Ashes on Epic. An absolutely fantastic shooter.
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Remnant: From the Ashes on Epic
Just saw a quote from IGN review:
"as long as you have a hint of desire to challenge and punish yourself over and over "

That's a hint I won't take, so this goes on DNP—Do Not Play—list.

Humankind Demo

Spent a little time with this, post here:
Just saw a quote from IGN review:
"as long as you have a hint of desire to challenge and punish yourself over and over "

That's a hint I won't take, so this goes on DNP—Do Not Play—list.

You really shouldn't consider reviews the inspired word of God. Most of them are tangential nonsense. I hate punishing games and loved this. Also, you already own it. Quit being a baby.:D
shouldn't consider reviews the inspired word
Oh I don't, far from it, since most never warn about such Souls-like destroying activities.
Corollary: When they do, it's got to be really bad.

you already own it
Good point, you've convinced me—it's now on my TBP list at #1,734… hmm, probably won't get to it this month, bummer :(

"overflowing with twisted creatures hellbent on making you suffer" How did I miss that enticement? Definitely sold now, moving to top of TPP TBPs @ #1,678.

"Dark Souls-style bosses" now my day is complete. I even watched some gameplay video and I'm afraid the game drips with one trait I just can't go for—it's far too boring.

Quit being a baby
My GF just cast the evil eye on you—she's real big on me being her baby. No use begging, you've brought this on yourself. Any last words?
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Icarus Draws Air
(my mom wouldn't let me say something "sucks")​

I don't like the fact that you have a time limit--even if it sounds like a generous one--to get off the planet or you have to start the whole game over. My son and I started a mission this week and worked on the planet for a couple of gaming sessions, and then we went on to other games, life, etc. I just barely remembered in time last night to log in and get us off the planet before we would have experienced permadeath. Of course, we failed the mission and will have to start that part of it over, and that's okay, but I just don't like having this time limit. At some point, life is going to happen, I'm going to forget, and that will be the end of it.

Permadeath should only be in games that have short gaming sessions, like roguelikes, not in games where you could be potentially losing 20+ hours of work. I mean, there's no limit to it. If you put 100 hours into the game and forget to move your character off the planet, you lose that 100 hours. It draws air.
"overflowing with twisted creatures hellbent on making you suffer" How did I miss that enticement? Definitely sold now, moving to top of TPP TBPs @ #1,678.

I seriously died, not including boss fights, about 5 or 6 times the entire many-hour campaign. The IGN guy is clearly exaggerating or just bad at the game, but you do you. Keep being The Cowardly Gamer.

Edit: changed the boss fight statement. I usually died once, maybe twice, during boss fights, though there was one that got me maybe five times and a couple that didn't get me at all. Boss fights weren't punishing, though, and I didn't suffer.
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Blah, blah, blah

In all seriousness, you probably wouldn't like it. I'm kind of yanking your chain. You're a methodical shooter kind of guy, and this is more hectic with very little stealth possibilities. I don't think you would get your tactical thrills from it. But it is an excellent game if you ever decide to step out of your comfort zone.

(sorry for all the separate follow up posts. I'm in the middle of something and keep thinking of different things to say, and I'm afraid you've already read the last thing I wrote. I'll stop now :p)
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I'll stop now
Phew, that took a while…

Boss fights
Clearly you need some education in the finer points:

You're a methodical shooter kind of guy
Not a shooter guy at all really—if I recall correctly, I played 3 shooters to completion in my first 20 years of gaming. Wolfenstein 3D, Half Life 2 and Far Cry.

comfort zone
I doubt I'll ever want to step out into games which are…
…that's the cardinal sin for me, life's too short—and so is my chain :p
I didn't get around to posting in the thread for last week, so I'll summarize here:

My wife and I started a new Stardew Valley farm using some cheats to get through the beginning of the game a bit faster. We also started another game with two friends of ours, though one of them quit after a few days.

We also started a game of Civ V with one of our friends which went really well for me right until the World Congress started and I got banned from trading and a standing army tax was enacted. I was trying for a culture victory and didn't really have anything to stop my friend from becoming the ally of every city state and just doing whatever he wanted. We stopped playing yesterday 3 turns before he won the diplomatic victory because my wife decided to declare war on him and wars in multiplayer Civ are the worst and drag on forever.

I also played some more For the King. I got pretty close to finishing the scenario, but ended up dying. I started from the beginning again, but I'm honestly kinda done with the game. The game isn't particularly pretty, but for some reason it doesn't run very smoothly on my laptop and the UI is pretty terrible.
Well its christmas time so getting stuff for the kid/wife last minute is the usual thinking getting through this week because its tradition to never do that in an orderly fashion.

Also coming to close is my 1st semester in this biotechnological cannabis science degree program im in, so tests and projects are bound while trying to juggle family and work (in my mid 30s).

As for games, currently (i mean still playing) Destiny 2. They had a big update last week and started a new event this week so ive been doing that stuff with 1 or 2 clan members. The only other thing ive played this week is Greedfall which has been a suprise game for me. I've played a little bit of Godfall: Challengers Edition which was free on Epic last week, but seems kinda boring considering its not the full game but the endgame with a max stat character.
I doubt I'll ever want to step out into games which are…

…that's the cardinal sin for me, life's too short—and so is my chain :p
Amen. I don't stick with boring games, either. I don't know how many games I've bought and ditched. People talk about working through their backlog, and they make a chore out of it. Personally, I just don't care. I don't have time to play games I don't like just out of principle.


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I'm taking yet another shot at Gal Civ 3. The rules have, of course, changed since the last time I played. There isn't as big of a player base now, either, so any guides/videos on the game are likely to be out of date. The manual (which seems to be two manuals glued together) is also out of date. Yeah - definitely going to do this in easy mode.
@Colif I played a bit of Journey this morning. Pretty relaxing. Didn't get very far, but I intend to play it a little each day and finish it over my holiday vacation.

Bought The Pathless after Andy Chalk gave it his game of the year vote. Haven't tried it yet.

Played a little Marvel's Avengers last night on PC Game Pass, and also checked out Age of Empires IV on the same service. AoEIV wasn't what I was expecting after watching the trailers. It's what I would consider a city builder, at least at first. You have little people you assign jobs, like chopping wood or tending a farm, and you gradually build up your city. I got irritated that I placed something in a wrong spot and couldn't figure out how to have them tear it down.

Speaking of putting things in the wrong spot, I tried out SimCasino. Game would be much better if it had an "undo" button. I put up a wall that didn't work out the way I imagined it would and when I deleted it, I accidentally deleted the ceiling and floor with it. My casino was basically cut in half. Making it whole again was also much more trouble than it should have been. Overall had a good time with the game, though.
I don't want to spoil game for you but I hope you playing online as its more engaging then.

I assume others still play it. I Don't have it on PC as I didn't want to play it to death. I still want to like it. I played it forever on PS3 & PS4. I also don't have a controller to use and it needs a controller to play.

Its not a very long game. It doesn't take that long to reach an ending. I don't need to play it to see it in my head... I may have over played it :)

I wonder if they got the sand right.
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