That joke that didn't land but now it does

I was thinking on some games of old (instead of working) and remembered a joke on monkey island when you are on the forest and try to enter in a hole on a stump where Guybrush can see "catacombs"; the game begin asking you to change disks to enter the new area and when you cant provide them, Guybrush just tells you that we´ll "just have to skip that part of the game".
The funny thing (besides the joke itself) is that the first time I played the game I was a kid and really believed that I was missing some disks and I was missing content.I managed to end the game and forgot about it.
Years later I played it again and got the joke.

So I started wondering what jokes or obvious details you found on games that took an embarrassing amount of time to "land" on you. Please do tell
Not a joke, but while playing Hugo III, Jungle of Doom!, my brother thought he had to wait an hour in real life when he got trapped in a cage by the witch doctor because he misunderstood when the doctor said: "From this hour, you're in my power!" English isn't our native language and he was pretty young when he played it.

Kids are dumb.
obvious details you found on games that took an embarrassing amount of time to "land" on you
Started my first sniper-focused game a few months ago—Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Of course I knew how to snipe from other shooters, so no problem. Got frustrated with the amount of sway when scoped for longer shots which caused a lot of misses, and dropped the game for a while.

Decided to have another go, so watched a few videos and asked the Q here and on Steam. What I was missing was so obvious to others that I never got the A-B-C of Sniping For Dummies from anyone. Played again, paid a bit of attention this time, and discovered:

1. The game has a prone button, which helps stability considerably;
2. Thing called a bipod is pretty essential for longer shots;
3. Not all sniper rifles have a bipod—eg my first-preferred Knight gun—which is a lot of why I missed it for so long;
4. You actually have to deploy the bipod each time you settle down for a shot—and it will undeploy if you do anything else, eg use the drone;
5. There's armor-piercing ammo which I'd seen and forgot, which—surprise—is necessary to take down the tougher bad guys in one shot;
6. When trying a new sub-genre, RTFM, play a bit, then RTFM again!

Don't y'all dare throw this back at me next time I'm swanning around in know-it-all mode :D
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