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  1. invader

    That joke that didn't land but now it does

    I was thinking on some games of old (instead of working) and remembered a joke on monkey island when you are on the forest and try to enter in a hole on a stump where Guybrush can see "catacombs"; the game begin asking you to change disks to enter the new area and when you cant provide them...
  2. sofia_sbr

    Question What are your game narrative preferences?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody here would be interested in sharing their game narrative preferences with me, by using the survey I created? It starts off by identifying why you play games to begin with and then transitions to which main characters, villains, and settings you prefer...
  3. Mister_JaxX

    Question is secure to upgrade my pc the way i have planned?

    so i have an i5 7600k 3.8 ghz box with a gigabyte-ga-z270p-d3 as a motherboard, with 16 gb RAM and a zotac 1060 ddr5 6gb. I cant take a 2060 cause my cpu would be too low for the gpu, so i have to upgrade my gpu first. I wanna make a jump on the cpu so i dont have to upgrade it anymore for...