Survey - Opinions about different tutorial teaching methods

May 1, 2023
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Hey peeps, I'm a uni student currently writing a paper on game tutorials and I'd love to get your thoughts on the matter. Are tutorials in games usually boring and redundant, or do they help you engage with the game? Do you like them, despise them, indifferent?

I've created a short(ish) survey on the topic, which should take around 5-15 mins to complete, depending on whether you want to answer the open questions or just click through the multiple choice questions. If you're interested (or just really bored), you can take the survey here:

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the forum :)

Clicked your link, got this:
"Some fonts could not be loaded. Try reloading."

It's on Google forms, which auto-logs me into my Google account, so I'm going to skip having one of my main email addresses associated with your survey. Since Google is an advertising company, they live off hoovering up our data.

I've done all the surveys posted here which are on platforms which are less data-sucking oriented, always happy to help students and researchers :)
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