strange fps happening

I have a gtx 1080 in a 7 year old rig , i keep steams fps counter on all time.
On games that allow 144 fps i can do it without a problem.
I recently noticed some odd on a few games ....
On an old game called age of mythology extended it was showing around 60 fps , i tabbed out to checked an email then when i tabbed back it it was showing 144 fps ???
it probably changed monitor's in-game refresh rate after switching from desktop back to game, maybe fullscreen was set to 60hz but borderless/windowed defaulted to 144hz (your system's refresh, I assume). if you had vsync on that would explain it.
it's not unsual for monitors to go crazy when alt-tabbing, watch dogs 2 (or was it some other Ubisoft game) only showed quarter of the screen resized to full panel size sometimes. There was no other way to exit than a system shutdown with a button after that.


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