Steam Summer Sale 2023

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I'm picking up … Storm Tale 2 a Match 3
If you ever want to try a Match 3, I recommend this one for $2 in the sale. I got 30-40 hours out of it in just one playthru, and it's generally a polished product.

Play relaxed, or with either limited time or moves. Limited Moves is my poison, needs a bit of figuring out and occasional restarts—but relaxing, no stress.

Gone on Replay list.
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Just grabbed a few random cheap titles. Don't think I'm going to pick anything else up this sale. I picked up Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved for $2. Enjoyed playing this one back in the Xbox 360 days and it's verified on Steam Deck so I can play handheld. I've heard good things about The Messenger, so I picked it up somewhat on a whim for $5. Last, I picked up an interesting-looking indie that I've had my eye on for a bit called Roadwarden, a text-based RPG. Not sure if I'll like it, but I enjoy trying out indies that catch my eye.


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I got Solista and Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

Solista was a little weird. There's a bundle deal and a Lightbringer deal. Both have the exact same items, but the bundle is more expensive. I'm surprised they don't just make the bundle a little cheaper and just use that all the time.

(Neither includes the soundtrack, which is also a little weird.)


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So i went to the steam sale with no games i wanted to buy there. interestingly enough, humble bundle's current game bundle looked enticing there was a couple of promising games, at least 3 of them was on my wish list and buying 8 items for just under 12 makes it less then 2 quid per item... Can't get any better then that tbh, but whilst there is gold there are also thing i've already got or i'm dubious about....


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