Steam Summer Sale 2022

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Jun 26, 2022
I didn't get many items in the Steam sales, but I live in Turkey and most games are more affordable due to the local pricing here. If any of you can't afford any game, I'd like to help.


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Maybe they're hoovering up the "Ooh Steam sale, must buy" crowd before dropping prices more in week 2.
That would just cause a crazy number of refunds.


I've bought Grid (2019), Assetto Corsa Competizione, and Journey to the Savage Planet.

I was going to buy the game and DLC for Planet Zoo, but the DLC are hardly reduced. I'm willing to wait forever and never play that game rather than buy those dlc at near full price. I dream of someone releasing a complete game some day rather than putting half the game in DLC. Yet they are going to start charging $70 for partial games now. Bite me.
Jun 29, 2022
I got the Prince of Persia Franchise bundle on this summer sale. As soon as I get some free time on my hand, Imma jump right back into the trilogy, starting with The Sands of Time and finishing with The Two Thrones. I remember having a blast playing this series during my childhood days, looking forward to recapture some of that magic.
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