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That video does a pretty good summation of the game. If you look at its steam page, you'll see it clearly sits in the "very negative". IK you cant always go based on that but after playing it for like 15 minutes and realize its not even the same game as it was (THEY REMOVED THE ONLY PART THAT MADE THIS GAME UNIQUE ITS CEL SHADED LOOK). Its 40 bucks too which is way too high for this hot mess.

I can go on about all the little stuff, but the above video shows that.
XIII wasn't a big thing when it first came out anyway, so a remake is not blowing my mind.

I thought it was kinda weird too when they announced it but, it isnt blowing anyones mind, heck you cant even get it to pop up right away when you type 'XIII' into steams search engine, the original comes up well before its 'remake'.
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It was a suprise seeing it's review score on steam but in all seriousness it's a game that really didn't need a remake.
Kind of getting sick of remakes.

If anything a simple HD re-release would have sufficed
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Jan 18, 2020
XIII wasn't a big thing when it first came out anyway, so a remake is not blowing my mind.

I was surprised to hear the remake be announced. XIII was a good idea and it's a shame we haven't seen more games like it, but it simply wasn't popular...and it looks like the remake is equally so.


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That's not making a lot of sense. Day1 patches are for fixing late-blooming bugs. A patch like that could show up a day late but lots of days late? That's not a Day1 patch. They clearly needed to push the release out further but, for whatever reason, didn't. Trying to hide behind COVID is border-line insulting.
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Well they are remaking the remake according to the main studio for this game:

They still want over 20 for this game on steam. It should be LOWER than the price of the original game.

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