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Nice little cameo today: my old relatively small school became the first in Ireland to have 2 players reach 100 caps for the senior Irish rugby team. Today's player had scored a try 15 years ago with his first ever touch of the ball for Ireland [v Canada] and did the same today v England.

He got a standing ovation when he was brought on as a sub, and the crowd just went nuts when he scored. Lovely moment for a great guy—his family were chuffed too :)


Of Ireland's 9 centurions—from over 1,150 players capped in 140+ years—4 are from my home town. Yay :)
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Tennessee beat South Carolina 41 to 20. South Carolina was the team that kept us from making the playoffs last year, so it was good to get the win. Technically, we could make the playoffs this year, but we aren't nearly as good as last year, so I'm not expecting anything.

Our former professional rugby player turned punter is doing great. His first game was kind of a nightmare, but he's settled into it after that. That bad start is all on the coaches. He should have been ready for live action. I was ready to send him back to Australia.

Had a horrible injury to senior WR Bru McCoy, who may have played his last down of football. He underwent emergency surgery sometime after midnight, and the doctors say the surgery was a success, and they expect him to return to football either to the NFL or with a medical redshirt here, but we'll see. Dislocation fractures can be tricky.

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This 20m video does a decent intro job:

Rugby 101: Rugby positions explained


Second-last weekend of the Group stage games in the Rugby World Cup this weekend, there's been some great stuff so far.
Hmm, I'll have to watch this. I bought Rugby 22 and have no idea what's going on. I don't suppose you have a video explaining Cricket?
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I have decided to try my hand at creating a system for sports gambling with the NFL. I'm not actually going to gamble, at least not yet. I just want to see if I can create a system that works. Other people have done it, and, except for a lack of intelligence, I don't see why I can't do it. :LOL:

Seriously, though, I love math and I've followed the NFL for over 50 years. Maybe I can make it work. Probably not, but I'll enjoy the attempt.

I'm working on the numbers now, but the only three games I've done were the Tennessee v Pittsburgh game on Thursday, Miami v Kansas City and Seattle v Baltimore.

So for TN v Pitt, the Vegas line was Pitt -2.5 (meaning Pittsburgh was supposed to win by 2.5 points). The line my formula came up with was Pitt -3. That means that you should have bet on PItt (actually, it was so close to the line I wouldn't have bet it). The result was that Pitt won by 4, so my formula happened to work in that game.

For Miami vs Kansas City, the line is KC by 2. My formula came up with KC by 2, so that's another game you wouldn't bet.

On Seattle v Baltimore, the line is Baltimore by 6. My formula came up with Baltimore by 11. That's a fairly significant difference between my number and the line, so I would bet Baltimore.

I may or may not do more games before the games actually start. I may just do them after the fact and see how it would have gone. Just depends on how ambitious I am today or tomorrow morning.
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KC won by 7. The game was in Frankfurt, Germany. They announced the penalties and such in German at first, but switched to English... for some reason. The whole point was to try to give the game some popularity in Germany, so why did they do that? <shrug>
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So, my formula got lucky this weekend.

I did 12 games. Just on picking the winner in those 12 games, my formula went 10 - 2.

There were 6 "no bet" games where my number was too close to the line for a bet to be made. HOWEVER, had I went ahead and made bets on those games, I would have won 3 and lost 3, which is okay.

There were 6 "bet" games where I would have actually made a bet, and my record was 5 and 1. The game I lost was the Dallas v Philly game, which is a huge rivalry and came down to the last play of the game.

There is a Sunday night game. My formula picks Buffalo to cover. It's a "no bet" game, which is good because I'm not comfortable with the pick. Buffalo has been bad on the road.

I won't bet Sunday night and Monday night games because, frankly, I'd be tempted to stay up and watch them, and they are way after my old man bed time.

So, yeah, pretty good. I was planning to have to go back and look at all the numbers, but going 5 - 1 in bets against the spread is just too good to go in and change things.

Honestly, though, I'm not overly excited about it despite the nice record in week one. Everyone gets lucky occasionally. We'll see how it goes next week.

Edit to fix numbers. I originally said I'd gone 5 - 1 in "no bet" games because my brain is fried.
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Good. The most important attribute for a gambler is temperament, the ability to keep on an even keel during a winning or losing streak. Your formula gets you in the game, temperament and bank management keep you in it.
Lost the Buffalo game. There's a problem with my formula. It worked okay, but I'm going to make a second formula that might fix the problem.
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Good. The most important attribute for a gambler is temperament, the ability to keep on an even keel during a winning or losing streak. Your formula gets you in the game, temperament and bank management keep you in it.
You don't have to worry about me and gambling. I had many successful poker years under my belt before I gave it up due to a combination of legal reasons and the birth of my first child. I've been on many casino trips and spent hours every day playing online, and I never had a month when I lost money. Heck, I'm even way ahead in roulette (I bet big, won and quit), and there aren't many people who can say that.

That's why I'm not downstairs crunching numbers right now and signing up to Draft Kings just because I would have won big today. Plus, I am doing this for fun. If I needed money, I'd just go back to playing poker. Nine person online poker rooms always have at least 7 people who couldn't beat a child at Go Fish.

#1 rule of online poker is not to bluff until there are only 2 or 3 people left. For one thing, if there are more, someone will take you all the way to the flop even if they have terrible cards. This is because they can't stand the idea of being fooled by someone who is bluffing. What they don't understand is that technically they aren't being bluffed because they don't have a hand. Also, the other one or two people who can actually play will think you are a very conservative player. Once they make that determination, you can make them fold whenever you want to.
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@ZedClampet I tried the Martingale system in roulette where you double your bet after loss, but then it turned out I was colorblind:grin: Pffff, it sounded fun when I typed it, even if it made no sense.
The Martingale strategy is a good way to get dinner money, but a bad way to get rich.

The main problems with the Martingale strategy are 1) table limits and 2) most people who play roulette don't have enough money on hand to even reach the table limit.

The table limit means you can only double your bet 10 times if you start with the minimum bet. Not including the casino take, if you have enough money on hand, you have a 50 percent chance of 10 losses in a row after 1024 games and a 99.9 percent after 3550 games. With the vigorish, it's substantially less.

That seems pretty good for a casino trip. You have a chance of going broke at any time, but the odds are in your favor to make dinner money and have some fun.

It's really slow playing the Martingale at the table minimum, though, so I made my own variant that says you don't double your bet when you lose, but bet double the total amount you've lost during the streak. In this case you would reach the table limit with 6 straight losses, which if you use binomial probability works out to 50 percent chance to reach the table maximum at 300 rounds and 99.9 percent at 1100 rounds.

So this is higher risk, but the rewards are more than triple the Martingale (as are the risks). Just running 10 sample games, Martingale won me $25 and my variant won me $85.

Personally, I'm not allowed to play roulette, so I never actually played my system except in a simulation. The only time I ever played in real life I had just left the poker room for the day and stopped by a roulette table on my way out. I made a bet, lost, made a bet, lost, decided I wanted to leave and just put the last $20 (can you tell I'm a high roller?) I had allotted for non-poker gaming on a random number in front of me. She spun the wheel, and I wasn't even paying attention because the odds were so low. Instead, I was watching a large group of people heading toward the cashier lines, and I wanted to get ahead of them. I realized the game was over and stood up to walk away when I saw the dealer push $700 in chips to me. I tipped the dealer $200 (if I remember correctly), cashed out and swore I wasn't ever playing roulette again.

All that was more than 30 years ago. I think the only reason I went to the roulette table to begin with was the long, slow line at the cashier's window. Impatience pays off @Brian Boru


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